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Resource Learning Information Articles Singing:

Learning to Sing:

Resource Information Articles Online Singing Lessons Reviews:

Resource Information Articles Playing Guitar:

Learning to Play Guitar:

Resource Information Articles Online Guitar Lessons Reviews:

Interview With Online Guitar Coaches:

Resource Information Articles Online piano Lessons Reviews

Resource Articles How To:

Resource articles on how to accomplish goals. Protecting your copyright works, marketing yourself, selling your music, and gaining others’ interest.

Independent Featured Artists and Bands On Jabberdi:

Interviews with independent solo artists and bands. Who are still making music and a living off the musical career they forged for themselves. And sadly, those who are no longer active

Artists and Bands – who are no longer active:

None active artists and bands seem to have stopped making music or performing gigs. And no longer have functioning social links due to abandoned social pages and websites.

Artists and Bands – who never got back to me:

I tried to get an interview with these artists and bands. But for whatever reason at that time, I could not make contact with them.

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