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Get lifetime access to online singing lessons to practice daily, develop, improve, and advance your singing skills. Practice on your schedule from any internet-connected device.

Discover How to “Develop your voice” With Online Singing Lessons

For less than the cost of 3 half-hour private one-on-one singing lessons, you can get full access to top online vocal coaches. Furthermore, you get to keep lifetime access to the lessons to practice daily to improve your singing or speaking voice.

Developing your singing or speaking voice:

There can be confusion for beginners who want to learn how to sing when choosing between a voice teacher or vocal coach. So what's the difference?

Both voice teachers and vocal coaches typically do the same job. They work with many different voice types and understand what drives a powerful speaking or singing voice.

Voice teachers tend to work with any level of singers. Vocal coaches will tend to work with more intermediate to advanced singers for improvement gains, power, and performance.

However, both teach the fundamental vocal health, range, note accuracy, and breath control.

Online singing lessons also help people with their normal public speaking voice for venue speaking - broadcasting, T.V, radio, presentation, postures, breathing, and much more.

Problem With Finding The Best Online Singing Lessons

You are not going to always find the best lessons package for "you" on the first page results of your go-to search engine. There is an awful lot of vocal and voice teachers who teach singing lessons online, for you to choose between.

Online singing lessons can vary in price and cost is massively dependent on who the coach is and the course length. In some extreme cases private online singing lessons can cost an awful lot if your teacher offers Skype lessons as part of the course.


We have done a lot of the heavy lifting and searching for you, and will continue to update this page with new finds. We want to provide you with the best pro vocal and voice coaches online.

Who offer affordable quality lessons for beginners looking for their first lessons to intermediate or advanced singers who want to learn better singing techniques and voice improvements.

become a great singer

Become a Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System

All Levels 

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Updated April 2021

23.5 total hours


elite singing techniques

Elite Singing Techniques - Phase 1

All Levels

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How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm ups & Voice Physiology

All Levels

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Updated September 2019

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Vocal Resource Articles

Here's a list of resource articles that will help you learn more about singing 

Why Should You Choose Online Singing Lessons Over Group Classes Or Private Lessons?

To learn how to sing or improve, you need a good voice or vocal teacher willing to teach you at a price you can afford to pay. Private one-to-one singing lessons are not cheap and not always an affordable long-term option for everyone.

Lessons are around an average $35.00 per half-hour session upwards. Group singing classes average around $35.00 per hour session.

How much you pay will always be commanded by the voice or vocal coach you choose. Some coaches try to get around the high cost of private lessons by providing cheap local weekend group singing classes.

The classes are a way to keep singing tuition available to everyone at a fair price.
However, local singing classes, even if the investment is a small price to pay. Individual singing lessons are still expensive when compared to online singing lessons.

If serious about learning to sing or improve your singing. You can take online voice, singing, or vocal performance lessons with top professional coaches at a fraction of the cost to engage with them in a private lesson environment.

Furthermore, you get the added benefit of course refunds, should you be unhappy with the results of your lessons.

How Do Online Vocal Coach's Teach You To Sing?

Online vocal-voice mentors teach you orderly with video lessons and other reading materials.

It does not matter if you are a total beginner, you will learn and improve your singing.

Once you safely build on the lessons and your vocal cords will become more in tune with the workouts.
If you are new to exercising your vocals, do not overextend yourself. Keep to the lessons, listen to your coach about not pushing your voice too early.

If you are all about learning the singing craft in quick time, and I know you are. Once you get into your exercises and singing lessons, they will become addictive.

Your practice will naturally extend past the usual fifteen minutes per day. You will come to enjoy the feeling of voice liberation.

How to Monitor Your Online Singing Lessons For Ongoing Voice Improvements

To monitor voice improvements yourself, you need to let a high-quality voice -sound recorder be your ears. It's a fact that we do not hear ourselves the way other people do.

You hear the sounds as they bounce around inside you before emerging into the world in front of you.
When people listen to you speak or sing. They only hear what emerges from you into the air space in front of you.

So you can hear your singing improvements over time.
Record all of your practice sessions over the months, then listen to your first practice against your latest; you'll be surprised how changed, improved your voice has become.

Are Online Singing Lessons The Right Choice for You?

If you're dedicated, and I know you are, learning to sing online is the cost-effective way to go.
Because online courses are visually and audio based they are much easier to learn.

Don't get the lessons immediately. You can redo each exercise over and over. It's less stress on you when learning. You can redo the lessons as much as needed too and gain good benefits from the course.

Free Learning Resources for the Beginner and Novice Singers

If you Just Started Singing and Want to Know the Basics to Becoming a Good Singer I recommend you visit

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What Happens To Your Vocal Cords When You Sing?

The versatile vocal cords are the extreme example of a two-string instrument. With practice, anyone can learn to sing or acquire (A STRONGER COMMANDING VOICE).

Music notes are created uniquely by vibrating the cords. Small amounts of air build-up behind them. When the pressure becomes more prominent than the pressure above, the vocal cords open to release air and close faster than you can blink your eyes.

The air release process happens at a considerable rate causing them to vibrate. An example of this is the note ( A above C ) when sung. The vocal cords open and close 440 times a second to produce the frequency required to perform the musical notes.

Beginner singers can over time master and control the air circulating in their body cavities. Learning to manipulate the air released through their vocal cords to produce the perfect notes time after time.

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