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Top 3 Guitar Courses For Developing Your Playing Skills


Online guitar lessons are in abundance and it can be massively confusing to find a coach and lessons package perfect for you. Choosing the right coach and course package can be problematic because the terminology used to describe between guitar lessons and full courses can be confusing.

So we searched the web to put together a summary of the best online guitar lessons for the beginner and intermediate players and short online guitar lessons for advancement that are provided by independent guitar coaches.


Beginner guitarists should expect any full online guitar courses that teach industry standard guitar lessons (void of any genre style) to be in excess of 12.5 hours up to 40 hours to complete. You should also expect to learn all the fundamentals of playing the guitar in easy to understand steps to be able to move forward.

However, short lessons that take around 20 minutes up to 3hours to complete, can help you to master different elements of the guitar you are struggling with. These lessons can be more condensed and focus in on one particular playing frustration you have.

My top 3 recommended industry standard (none genre) full guitar courses for your appraisal… The beginner will learn all the fundamentals of playing the guitar in easy to understand steps to reach moderate and advanced playing levels.


Top 3 Best Online Guitar Lessons

Steve Krenz -Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar

1st place course badge

#1 Recommendation for everyone who wants to learn guitar…

If you know guitars, chances are you already know Gibson makes the highest quality guitars. So how about providing the highest quality guitar lessons, if you are someone who really wants to learn to play guitar, Gibson’s guitar lessons will take you from any skill level, even a total novice, through to advanced playing levels.

With over 38 hours of professional guitar instruction by Steve Krenz and unlimited access to everything. It’s the most compressive instructional guitar course you’ll come across. You’ll have everything you need to master your guitar from scratch to moderate and advanced playing levels.

You Will be Taught by Steve Krenz
You’ll love Steve’s “take you by the hand” approach. He’s highly professional clear and concise in his teaching approach. So it makes it easy to follow along and understand the lessons. You will build a lot of respect for Steve’s coaching abilities.

Raving Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews are massive on this one. You will be hard pushed to find any negative remarks about the course. Beginners through to advanced players generally like and respect the teaching material found inside this course.

 Perfect for right and left handed players
You will learn proper right and left-hand playing technique.

 Perfect for starting beginners
You’ll learn how to tune your guitar both with an electronic tuner and by ear, parts of the guitar and names of the strings. All the basic fundamental stuff a beginner needs to know so they can go forward with step by step advancement.

 A must have course for musical progression
You’ll develop a true understanding of how music works and why something sounds good, learn practical ear-training skills so you can listen to a melody and immediately play it. No more searching the web for chord tabs so you can learn it. You will also learn to play many different genres of guitar music, including rock, blues, jazz, country, and funk.

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar Course Summary

  • Professional guitar training from a top coach.
  • Beginner coaching through to advanced playing instruction.
  • 33 hours on-demand easy to follow videos lessons.
  • 285 hard hitting lessons that take you from novice to advanced player.
  • Supplemental resources, learn and master guitar lesson book-109 pages and bonus resources lesson book -189 pages.
  • Full lifetime access to your course investment.
  • Mobile, tablet and smart TV access.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


This video is a cut-down version sample lesson,  pt-1 starting off right.

Visit The Official Website >>

Steve Krenz -Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar



Erich Andreas Complete Guitar System – Beginner to Advanced

#2 Recommendation

Erich has been playing and teaching guitar for nearly 30 years. This all-in-one guitar course is ideal for the beginner, it’s got everything you need to learn guitar master the chords and scales along with the fundamentals the beginner guitarist needs to know.

The course will take you to moderate levels of playing and beyond. And for those moderate to advanced players who hung up their guitar and want to get back to it, it’s an ideal refresher course to get into.

Full guitar course with 38 hours of professional guitar instruction for the humble beginner and onwards to advanced levels of playing.

Your Coach Will be Erich Andreas
He has a strong passion for providing the correct tools needed in order to quickly master the guitar. While teaching industry standard guitar lessons. His specialties are rock, blues, country and folk styles.

So if any of those styles rock your boat then this is a course option you need to consider. Erich is VERY passionate about teaching guitar to the entire world and has a unique way of teaching things in ways that YOU WON’T FORGET!

Raving Reviews and Testimonials
Student feedback on this course is remarkable, with an average 4.4 out of a possible 5-star rating.  Considering he has over 28,591 students enrolled on this course it a sure sign his guitar teaching is spot on.

Possibly the only course you will ever need to take
You will learn everything you need to know at a rapid fun pace.

Step-by-step method to play songs, master chords, scales and guitar theory
This course makes it super easy to be successful at playing guitar. All you have to do is follow the lessons in order and put together some good practice habits.

Complete Guitar System Course Summary

  • 271 guitar lessons.
  • Beginner to advanced playing instruction.
  • 31 hours of videos instruction.
  • 5 Bonus video lessons.
  • PDF attachments for lessons.
  • Full lifetime access to your course investment.
  • Mobile, tablet and smart TV access.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Here’s your coach himself, Erich Andreas enjoy…

Visit The Official Website >>

Erich Andreas -Complete Guitar System



Michael Palmisano -The Professional Guitar Masterclass

#3 Recommendation

If you are looking quality guitar lessons on the web, with good instructor feedback, this full course of lessons may well be the package you’ve been looking for.

Michael will teach you how to master your fretboard, understand music theory, and most importantly, how to use these new found abilities to craft your own unique sound of music.

About the Coach Michael Palmisano
He started playing guitar when he was just 5 years old and went on to gigging to earn a living from the instrument he loves to play.  Around 15 years ago he took up teaching guitar professionally.

Because he genuinely loves to teach, and help people learn he’s always around to answer any questions and give help whenever needed.

Reviews and Testimonials
There is some good feedback on this course from students with 65% of those who gave a review rating the course 5stars. On another note, it’s intriguing to see Michael actually giving feedback to his students in the (review section) on course improvements for future updates.

Perfect for those who want to learn music theory
If music theory is what you also want in a guitar course, then you’ll not be disappointed. There is plenty to get your teeth into.

Not the perfect course for the total beginner
You will need some playing behind you to really get into this course. It’s not strictly for beginners, however, if you have been self-teaching and have a few months playing behind you but struggling to move forward, then you will go from the very beginning to playing over complex non-diatonic changes leaving no stone unturned.

It’s a course for those who want their coach to be interactive 
Michael Palmisano is very active and helpful with all his students. If you have any difficulty with a lesson, you can post a video clip of you completing your lessons or ask questions. Simply post a YouTube link for him to view or enter the question in the discussion forum and he will respond to you.

Professional Guitar Masterclass Course Summary

  • Develop your own unique voice on the guitar.
  • Play any chord anywhere on the neck.
  • Understand and apply music theory.
  • Visualize the whole neck in a specific key.
  • Understand the difference between key center, chord scale, and chord tone approaches
  • 7.5 hours of video lessons that take you from novice to advanced playing.
  • 2 hours on-demand audio.
  • Full lifetime access to your course investment.
  • Mobile, tablet and smart TV access.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Michael Palmisano explains why his course is a cut above the rest. Why it’s important for him to be interactive with his students.

Visit The Official Website >>

Michael Palmisano -Professional Guitar Masterclass




If You Just Picked Up A Guitar and Want to Know the Basics to Learn A Little Read On.


Is it Possible to Teach Yourself To Play Guitar?

Yes, it’s possible, but you will need a lot of self-dedication to learn how to teach yourself to play guitar. Along the way, there is always the possibility that you could end up very confused and give up. But teaching yourself can be done if you search deep and hard, make notes of where you are in your learning and search for good guitar lesson plans.

You will also need to find some good muscle memory finger exercises. These help to build up your fingers and memorize chord progressions.

And if you are totally new to guitar, you will also need to read up on and understand guitar tabs and charts. For beginners, tab’s and charts can be difficult to grasp. But it’s one of the essentials for self-learning. I recommend guitar scale mastery by Craig Bassett.


Basic Chord and String Guide

The rest of this page gives a quick guide on guitar strings, what chords are and some easy guitar chords to learn for the beginner a little more down the page.

 All the guitar strings are referred to by a number. Imagine yourself sitting with the guitar in your lap. Guitar in lap, your left hand on the fretboard and right-hand strumming strings:

  • 6th string – E  (Low – E, thickest) The 6th low E string is the one closest to you, Ref.
  • 5th string – A
  • 4th string – D
  • 3rd string – G
  • 2nd string – B
  • 1st string – E  (High – E, thinnest) The 1st string is the high E string. The closest string to the floor.


What Are Chords?

 One or two guitar string notes played together, are not quite a chord, so they are referred to as an interval.

Keep that in mind because later on, you may get some confusion when you reach the easy chords to play.

When you group and start playing three notes or more, a chord is played.

A chord containing three notes is called a triad 3. Any three note triadic chord has four structures that are very easy to form. They flow in this order:

a) Major triad or basic triad
b) Minor triad
c) Diminished triad
d) Augmented triad

There is a mind-bending list of chords combinations you need to master to become a great guitarist.

That’s why it’s important to find a quality teacher if you really want a fast way to learn guitar. But you don’t need to be a great guitarist or even learn them all to enjoy playing. Greatness comes with continued practice and gaining finger muscle memory.

Over time, you will commit all the fingering for chords to your subconscious memory. Once you have a few of the chords down, any average player can learn a full backing track for a cover song in a day or less. Then have it mastered and polished inside a week and sound great playing it.

How fast you learn the guitar is influenced by how easy any lessons are to understand. Either paid or free and how the lessons are delivered to you. Good coaches keep it simple, by teaching you the simple chords for guitar, until all the easy chords are learned and committed to memory.


Easy Beginner Guitar Chords to Practice

These are basic guitar chords every beginner should start with.

Once you put some solid practice into learning the basic chords on the guitar, you will build on your finger muscle memory.

Key Code:
1= Use index finger
2= Use middle finger
3= Use ring finger
4= Use little finger
X= Don’t Play String
O= O
pen Play String

Get started by playing some of the easiest guitar chords you will ever come across. zero finger chords. I know what you are thinking, what the hell. But they do actually exist.

Take note of the strings X= Don’t Play Strings.

Then moving on to one finger chords, remembering what you already read above about two strings played are referred to as an interval.

easy beginner guitar chords and tabs


Learning How to Create Your Own Chilling Music.

One finger chords are not going to turn up in most songs you hear or want to play. Unless they feature power chords. But for beginners, they are worth knowing just for some practice playing them. Once you have these easy chords down, the more challenging chords and chord progressions will be so much easier to achieve.

Also knowing a few easy guitar chords is a great way to keep your interest up. Learning a full song on your guitar is only a small leap away. Ref:It can all seem daunting at first and hard on the fingers. However, most songs played on a guitar only use four or five chords at the most, sometimes even less.

Once you understand chords and hardened up your fingers, built up your muscle memory. You’ll be playing other people’s songs in no time. Better yet, believe it or not, you won’t need to climb any mountains or empty the bank account to take lessons to accomplish that.

Online guitar lessons are very affordable for everyone and there are some excellent guitar teachers producing some great guitar coaching programs. No matter where you are in your learning curve there’s the right program of lessons just waiting for you.


Practicing More Of the Basic Beginner Chords

Easy two finger interval chords and their equivalent 3 string chords.
Practice these, as a two string interval and three-string chords.

easy beginner guitar 2 chord tabs

Now practice all the C and C# chords and onwards.

C and C# guitar chords tabs

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen…

Structured lessons have a beginning and the end result for the student. If you end up reading a fair few books by different authors, guitar teachers on the subject of learning it can push and pull you in different directions.

Searching Youtube for free lessons can also have an undesired effect on learning. And will at some point add confusion to the learning process. Free lessons are ok but, lack the depth and structure needed to take the beginner to the end goal of mastering the guitar.

There is also a lack of support, so you shouldn’t expect to get very far very fast. Free video guitar lessons are ok to spark interest. However, most lack the depth needed for the beginner guitarist or even help you to learn a song. Ref:

For those who have taught themselves a fair few chords, but, are lacking coordination and speed on the fretboard. Then I recommend a good Speed guitar shredding e-book, you can check out  The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity by Tennyson Williams. It’s a good read, but you will need to be on top of your chords, it’s not a book for total beginners.