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Are You Musically Frustrated? Tips to get Noticed

In this article you can find out how to keep your intercultural copyrights to and creatives you contribute to a group project.

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If you are in the market for selling your music tracks or songs for commercial usage or want to know how you can do that? Then you will want to read our follow up from our last article, this time we take

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Finding and exploring new ways to earn money from your music should always be at the top of your priority list. In this article / review we take a look at possibilities of licensing your music to people

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Songrite Copyright Office Review -Keep Your Creative Works Safe

In this review, we take a look at the minefield that is Copyright ownership… Is it possible to retain ownership of your creative work without using a third party service to help prove you created

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Dream Of Becoming A Singer Songwriter Or Song Lyricist

 “So long as you’re not afraid to put yourself out there you could be a Singer-songwriting superstar in no time!   If your not up you performing your songs yourself, Or you have no interest

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Independent Music Promotions Review

Promoting The Independent Artist And Bands, Independent Music Promotions goal is to give exposure and promote the independent artists and bands, effectively removing the need to be actively promoting themselves

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DittoMusic Review Get your Music Distributed to all Digital Stores

DittoMusic Review Ditto Music is an independent music distributor created for the independent solo artist or bands. Founded by Matt and Lee Parsons, back in 2006, they offer services to distribute EPs,

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YouTube Power Slam Review

Is it possible to out rank those who are already ranking on YouTube for a cover song?

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Make Your Youtube Music Video Cover Song Rank

Try YouTube Power Slam to move your cover songs up the rankings…

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Your Band Is a Virus Book Review

My review of Your Band Is A Virus, Said to be the book that’s critical to every independent out there in music land… If you want to get noticed, then this is the book you need to carry under

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