Jim Bruce Texas To The Delta Online Blues Guitar Lessons 

You’ll learn how to play real blues acoustic guitar with lessons from an experienced 40+ year’s blues playing veteran…

There are many styles to be played on your guitar and by far, the blues are one of those styles that demand dedication and effort to perfect the style.

It’s not often you can benefit from taking lessons from a veteran player with over 40 years of real experience playing the blues guitar in an authentic way.

Type Of Course: Skill Level: Course Length:

  • Blues Guitar Lessons:
  • Intermediate-Advanced Guitar Players: Learn all-acoustic blues guitar styles.
  • 40 Videos/lessons are on average 25 minutes long, 750 minutes of high-quality tuition:
  • Additional Bonus:  MP3 Albums – Blind Blake, Jim Bruce, and Ken Mayall as a thank you.

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From Texas To The Delta Blues Guitar Lessons Review

Jim Bruce has made his life’s work to studying the old blues styles of playing, and this old style is passed forward within his lessons. Many blues songs feature a short instrumental break (solo) after each line – a sort of call and response action.

The break came about to allow the singer to improvise as most words and instrumental chords were created on the fly.

It allowed the original blues singers to think ahead and construct the next verse of the song or chords to be played. I guess you could think of old-style blues, like the style rap of today. It’s raw and full of emotion, dwelling on love and loneliness. They tell of injustice and hopelessness, and the longing for a better life.

Not only do you get high-quality tuition and the best blues guitar lessons; you can expect a good history lesson in playing the styles Jim teaches. Of cause, you may never get to meet your coach in person, but even after the first lesson, you get the feeling that Jim Bruce just knocked at your door to give you a 30-minute private lesson in your own home.

Are you ready to take blues guitar lessons online with Jim Bruce and journey back in time? Revisit the greats and take on the challenge of old-style authentic blues acoustic lessons?

If you are a beginner player, to get the best out of these lessons, you will need to have some understanding of fingerpicking and standard chord progressions. Texas to the delta online blues guitar lessons with Jim Bruce teach the blues style of playing and is not your typical starting from scratch acoustic blues guitar lessons for the beginner.

All forty lessons are broken down into understandable segments, with Jim, first off, giving you a short intro performance in the style of the blues artist for each lesson.

The first lesson Jim teaches is in the style of the Texas Blues Man, Sam John Hopkins, better known as Lightning’ Hopkins. He was an American country blues singer, songwriter, guitarist, and occasional pianist, from Houston, Texas. Who passed from this life in 1982.

There are two songs you will be learning in the style of Hopkins, “Baby Please Don’t Go” and “Woman Called Mary.” You can watch a rare performance of Sam Hopkins playing Baby Please Don’t Go

The intentions of these delta blues guitar lessons are not to turn you into a tribute act. The sole aim is to equip you with the skills to improvise and incorporate their techniques into your music and build on your own blues style of playing.

blues guitar lessons online lightning-sam-hopkins

However, to achieve this goal, you’ll need a coach like Jim Bruce. Jim’s worked through four decades himself evolving and developing his own style.  Jim also amassed years of experience putting together the very best blues guitar courses teaching others to play like the greats and evolve their own style of playing the blues.

Like each of the artists portrayed in the lessons, they also developed their own individual styles over their long-playing careers.

In his own words, Lightning’ Sam Hopkins said, he discovered his style of playing came from his heart and soul. It’s Jim Bruce’s intentions with guidance, for you also to find and develop a style. A blues style that your audience will find exciting to watch and listen to you playing.

You’ll learn about improvisation when playing, vamping, chord pushing, bending, bottleneck, and every other trick in the book playing the blues.

So let’s look at a typical lesson, 90% of the forty lessons are on average 25 minutes long. You’ll get to watch a short intro performance by Jim, take a seat, this is awe and wonder stuff, he’s one awesome blues player in his own right. Then you will learn a little about the artist and style of play. Then finishing up with the actual lesson, built around the particular blues player.

It can be a task for anyone learning blues guitar even if you are beyond the beginner stage in your guitar mastery. It’s a genre of music that requires massive dedication and feeling by the student.

So that’s a good reason to pick experience over inexperience. When it comes to choosing a coach. You cannot go wrong with Jim Bruce. He’s been playing the blues on the streets of Europe and exciting the crowds with concerts for the last four decades.

blues guitar course online -leroy-johnson-blues-master

You’ll learn the secrets of legendary blues players like Robert Leroy Johnson. Johnson pictured is recognized as a master of the blues, particularly of the Mississippi Delta blues style. Some say he sold his soul to the devil, he was that good.

Let’s take a look at other influential players you’re going to learn and take inspiration from.

  • Floyd Council, Floyd began his musical career on the streets of Chapel Hill in the 1920s playing Piedmont and Country blues.
  • Scrapper Blackwell, Francis Hillman played Chicago blues, Piedmont blues.
  • Big Bill Broonzy – Chicago Swing Guitar.
  • Brownie McGhee, Walter Brown “Brownie” McGhee was a Piedmont blues singer and guitarist.
  • Blind Willie McTell was a Piedmont and ragtime blues singer and guitarist.
  • Leroy Carr, Mississippi John Hurt, Pink Anderson.
  • Blind Blake – King Of Ragtime Blues Guitar.
  • Blind Willie Walker – Ragtime Guitar.
  • Mance ‘The Man’ Lipscomb, Blues, Folk.
  • Blind Boy Fuller, Country blues, Piedmont blues, East Coast blues

Everything about Jim Bruce screams experience and quality. His finger-style blues lessons are of the very highest quality and most intuitive you are likely to find. If you’re looking forward to learning just one of the many blues styles, you’ve found your coach going forward. More so if you want to add a wider range of blues styles to your guitar strings. For that very reason, you don’t want to make the mistake of not allowing Jim Bruce into your home.


  1. 40 of the highest quality blues guitar online course lessons at an unbelievable price.
  2. 30 Days money-back guarantee you’ve got 30 days to test the quality of the lessons: If you don’t think, they are quality, or you don’t learn or improve, ask for a full refund.
  3. Jim Bruce brings forty years + experience to the table, there are few coaches who can offer that expertise to their students.
  4. Stream the video lessons to any web-connected device and get lifetime access.
  5. The combined lessons cover over 750 minutes of high-quality tuition.
    Tablature PDF files to complement the course.
  6. You get a bonus MP3 Albums – Blind Blake, Jim Bruce, and Ken Mayall as a thank you.


  1. You’ll need some experience of playing acoustic guitar, not for the beginner.
  2. To become a good blues player you’ll need dedication to your practice.
  3. All the styles you will learn are not easy to commit to memory so practice is essential.

Comments from the reviewer:

If you take up Jim Bruce’s offer to become your coach, you can go forward with the confidence you’re going to be learning old-school acoustic blues guitar styles and techniques from past masters.

The lessons actually focus on the styles and techniques; the old bluesmen used decades ago that made the blues sound what it is today.

Although there is a massive difference between online guitar lessons and private lessons conducted in your own home. You will see for yourself that Jim Bruce has a wealth of knowledge and playing experience that comes across in the video lessons.

His style of teaching, quickly allows students to learn any of the blues genre styles of playing. From delta blues, through open tuning and bottleneck, to Piedmont ragtime.

I Highly recommend this blues guitar course for everyone. However, I will say that beginners may find the lessons overwhelming, without a fair understanding of tabs and chord progression.

If you have a desire to play old-time blues, you can benefit from Jim Bruce’s forty years of blues experience.

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  1. Interested in getting this course. Even imagined trying to find Bruce himself, offer whatever his price might be and take an hour lesson on Deep River Blues. As with many web sites, sometimes they are out of business. Your thoughts?

    1. Jim’s been around for years coaching blues guitar. I anticipate he will continue to teach for many more years to come.
      Jim keeps a tight ship, all his lessons are available for download or accessible online.

      Thanks for your comment

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