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Powerful New And Exciting Song Tutor Piano Teaching Software Aid, Makes It Amazingly Simple To Learn Chords On Piano And Learn Any Song You’ve Always Wanted To Play…

If you’re struggling to learn new songs on your piano. Or just want to take your playing to the next enjoyable level by playing a song you love, despair no more. Song Tutor is the first piano song teaching software that’s designed to help remove all those frustrations of working out the keys and chords you need to use.

With ST, you no longer need to frustrate over learning any new tune. The software uses the power of the web with its inbuilt browser to find any song you want. And there’s thousands of them just waiting for you to download and practice.

song tutor on the mac

It’s not going to be long before users are proclaiming it to be, the best learning piano software available to buy anywhere online. Now don’t get misled by my last sentence there. This software is not strictly a self-teaching piano software program. It’s not going to teach you everything you need to know about piano playing.  It’s an aid to help you learn the keys and chords along with new songs without any of the theory.

So, I think its best, I tell you (what it Can and Cannot (Teach You)…

1. The software is NOT designed to teach you to play by ear, if you want ear training for piano, check out playing by ear a great program by hear and play.

2. It will not teach you fingering, (how to position your fingers and hands for playing the keys you see flash up on the virtual keyboard.

3. There is no (learn how to play piano course) that accompanies the software. If you’re looking for beginner piano, check out piano for all.

What Song Tutor Will Teach You And Help You With Is…

1. It will teach you how to learn and play new songs on your piano or keyboards.

2. It will help you to learn piano chords and keys, this is a massive help for beginners.

3. It will give you virtual piano lessons by allowing you to mimic the keys and chords you see being played on the midi piano virtual keyboard.

4. It will help to develop your eye hand coordination and improve your plying speed.

5. It will help you find and download all the song’s and piano tunes you’ve always ever wanted to learn and play.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, there should be no misunderstanding of what it can and cannot help you with.

Song Tutor is a learning software; it teaches you by allowing you to mimic key actions as mentioned above, the aim of the software is to teach you new songs by copying (playing along) with the chords and keys you see color flashing on the virtual keyboard. You can speed up or slow down how fast the software plays the keys, over time you will be able to keep a good pace and play along.

And of course, over time with continued usage, you will be able to play what you have learned on any piano or keyboards without being aided.

There could be strong opposition from some piano teachers, on whether you are actually learning or not? Some might say not while others will say yes.

My answer to that question is (YES) mimicking is a type of learning. We’ve all learned by this method throughout our lives. When we are shown (How to do something) we then mimic our teacher to achieve the same task.

However, when the teacher walks away, we are then on our own to work things out for ourselves. The product does what it says on its virtual box. It’s capable of teaching you how to play thousands of music tracks you can freely download on the web.

If you want this software to teach yourself to play piano, then it can only take you so far. The rest you’ll have to workout for yourself. However, for most people, the joy is in the playing and not the theory.

Once you’ve downloaded song tutor and installed it on your Mac or PC. You’ll be happy how easy it is to learn and play tunes amazingly fast.

The software uses (Standard MIDI Files (“SMF”) also commonly known as *.mid files) for virtual playback.  Think of ST as a virtual music teacher software program.

Basically, it’s like looking over the shoulder, or sitting next to an accomplished player and mimicking their every move.

Here’s My Own Experience With The Product…

I have a massive passion for music and those who create it and perform it. You may have already guessed that if you’ve looked around my site. So when I found ST it was awe and wonder to me.

I’m a keyboard player myself, and I create a lot of electronic music using, Reason, Magix and Fruity Loops, Digital Audio Workstations, and ultimately I make a lot of short midi files in the process.

However, I’ve always been lacking a way to visually see what’s going on inside other people’s midi files without having to open a shed-load of other windows in those programs.

With song tutor, I can simply find and download a midi file and start playing it. Then isolate each and every instrument that was used to create the finished midi file track.

For others it’s all about piano, being able to learn and play the complete song on those black and white keys. Well, you are in luck, Song Tutor was made for you, and its going to help you massively when it comes to learning new songs.

It’s easy to hook up and start playing along, all I do is drop my keyboards down in front of my laptop and join in when the keys start playing. With a full-size piano (I’m guessing here). You could balance your laptop on top of the piano, or drop your iPad where your sheet music would sit.

However, you accomplish that task, one thing is for sure, with this electronic tutor you’ve found an easy way to learn songs. Or if you’re trying to self-teach yourself, then this piano song tutor software is a leap forward and most probably the best way to learn for most without the high cost of lessons.

 Song Tutor is Ideal For You If:

  • You’re just learning to play piano
  • You’re hot on the ivory keys but want help to learn new piano music.
  • You want an easy quick reference to what instruments are being used in midi files.


  • Built in tutorial videos.
  • Easy built-in browser access to top popular midi file sites.
  • 64 bonus midi files you can get started with right away.
  • Will help to build hand-eye coordination when learning to play.
  • Will teach you keys and chord progression with its visual color keys.
  • Will help to improve playing speed with continued use and practice.
  • You can slow the music down to any speed when practicing, learning new songs.
  • Works on Mac or Windows.


  • Will not teach you any piano theory.
  • There is no built-in short piano course.
  • You can only play midi files.


The software is easy to install and comes with an easy to understand user interface. Everything the user needs to interact with the software is accessible across the top bar and self-explanatory. I’ve run it with lots of other software programs running in the background, and there seems to be no slowdown or conflicts with other programs.

The software comes with a wide range of settings the user can use to manipulate the speed and isolation of each instrument playing in the music track.

It’s very easy to just have the software to play only the piano keys and chords and mute and ignore other instruments. I’m going to recommend Song Tutor to everyone who wants to own a valuable aid to helping their piano or keyboards playing.  With only a one-time cost of $47.00 you can get your own song tutor here

Questions and Answers:

This is my own Q&A Section and not the software creators I had three things I needed to workout for myself so I thought I may as well give you the answers to the minor problems I encountered.

Q: I installed the software but when I enter my license key, the software updates. But when I restart all that happens is the software updates again and closes.

A: Uninstall, then reinstall the software and do not enter your license key, use in locked mode. Once the program loads, click on preferences and enter your license key there, the full software will now unlock and start up normally enjoy.

Q: Where are the video tutorials.

A: Click on the icon Midi folder image, top bar far right, double click the video tutorial videos link to watch.

Q: Where are the 64 midi files bonuses.

A: Click on the icon Midi folder image, top bar far right. when the drop down opens you will see the 64 midi files link, double click and the internal browser will open, double click any link there to start song tutor playing the file.

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