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“Your Guide To Vocal Belting Lessons” With Felicia Ricci…

Felicia Ricci Belt Singing Lessons… If you want to inject style into your singing and belt out those sounds with volume. Then learning vocal belting techniques is your next step.

And for those who are thinking “What is belting in singing,” I’ll get right to it and tell you.

Belting (or vocal belting) is such an exciting sound and a specific technique of singing. It’s the high-energy sound that singers make in pop, musical theater, and rock music. It’s like yelling right on pitch, but more of a singing tone than yelling at a loud volume. Belting is a combination of forward resonance and mix. The sound isn’t totally head or chest voice, it’s a combination of the two.

So the good news is you or anyone else can learn to belt. So long as you get yourself a great teacher like Felicia Ricci who can teach you healthy techniques and avoid any detrimental effects on your singing voice.

So Who Is Felicia Ricci  -What qualifies her to teach you vocal belting?

felicia ricci vocal coach for belt your face off
Felicia Ricci is a professional voice finder, actress, and accomplished author.

A lifelong singer passionate about music, as played Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady opposite Emmy winner David Alan Grier and Tony nominee Reg Rogers.

Felicia has taught thousands of voice students online and mentored young artists and singers at Northwestern University. She is a member of the Actor’s Equity Association and the National Alliance of Teachers of Singing.

Who is Belt Your Face Off targeted at?

The main course is aimed at all levels of singers, including classically trained or opera singers who have trouble creating that belt sound. However, beginners will learn all the fundamentals of singing and healthy belting techniques. So if you’re just starting out and looking for online singing lessons. Belt your face off has a lot to offer beginners. For those of you, who are intermediate or advanced singers. You will immediately take on board the belting techniques learned and enhance your singing abilities.

So to recap:

  • If you are a classically trained singer, BYFO can help you easily learn the techniques to belt sing.
  • If you are a beginner and looking to learn how to sing online without any frustration, you’ll love Felicia’s whimsical, get-your-hands-dirty approach and sense of humor in how she teaches you.
  • If you are at the intermediate or advanced level of singing, the new belting techniques you are about to learn will take your singing to even higher levels. Felicia honed these skills herself when she needed them most starring in the Broadway show playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady opposite Emmy winner David Alan Grier and Tony nominee Reg Rogers.

Felicia Ricci is a talented singer in her own right; She’s not just a vocal coach; she’s also a voice finder.

Your speaking voice is so closely related to belting; Felicia is the perfect coach for you. Because your natural voice is so closely related to belting in singing, you can use your speaking voice to develop a strong belting sound. This allows you to develop a balance to create the sound without using your full chest voice.

However, belting or yelling as you sing is somewhat controversial for vocal teachers. The most common reason for this is, belting can be dangerous for your voice. Likewise, any type of bad singing technique can have a detrimental effect on your voice, including any badly executed belting techniques.

So can healthy Belt Singing be taught without any damage to your voice?

Yes, Belt your FACE off is all about teaching healthy techniques that will not endanger your voice. healthy belting is possible if you take the time to work on your speaking voice. By doing so you will find it much easier to belt out those high-energy sounds during singing. Learning a good belting technique prevents you from having to use a heavy chest voice.

Learning how to belt volume and high notes in singing is contained in Belt Your Face Off. It’s a complete singing course that gives you the tools you need to support a powerful singing voice and an incredible range.

You will be under the guidance of Broadway actress Felicia Ricci. Felicia honed her belting craft while playing the lead role of Elphaba in Wicked the Musical. The techniques you will learn will have you belting healthily and wow everyone who hears you sing.

When will you hear results in your belting voice?

Learning the technique is everything to make the belting sounds you so desperately want to achieve in your singing.

It’s possible your singing will improve as soon as you complete the first lesson. However, mastering belting will be dependent on your pacing and skill level.

Like any other singing skill, it takes some time to master. Mastery can take as few as 30 days. Not everyone is the same; Your belt-singing journey may differ. If you are beginning to belt, make it a part of your daily routine.

You will need to take some time to build up your supporting muscle strength to make the sound in a healthy way. Even so, with continual practice, the belt your face off course is guaranteed to work if you do the work also.

Is there any difference between male and female singers when learning how to belt out notes?

Belting is different not only between men and women, but there are also differences between voice types.

The Male Voice: It’s not a huge leap for males to change the sound to create this style of singing. The fullness of tone can happen by using nasal resonance. To make the distinction between normal sound and belting sound the male singer needs to keep the sound rolling forward and not allow the sound to roll back as they ascend in pitch.

The Female Voice: A consistent flow of air is needed to belt, high nasal resonance, and a strong speaking voice sound that sustains tones. when the belting is right, it feels like the middle voice and sounds like a chest voice.

How Felicia Ricci’s Belt Your Face Off can teach you healthy belting?

Healthy belting is possible if you take the time to really work your speaking voice. To prepare you for the high-energy sounds Felicia will teach you good techniques to prevent you from having to use a heavy chest voice to make the belt singing sounds.

You will learn to vocally mix your chest and head voice so there is no distinguishable break. Belting is similar to a strong mix rather than a full heavy chest voice. You’ll learn the science and technique behind healthy belting to access your best, healthiest belt sound.

Felicia will help you to establish a good singing regimen and plan of attack for your individual practice and continued singing education to improve your belting technique.


  • Great for beginners through to advanced singers.
  • Learn from a Broadway Actress and professional voice finder.
  • Learn everything you need to know about belt singing.
  • You’ll learn groundbreaking belting techniques for singing pop, rock, musical theater, and more.
  • 26 easy-to-follow units, 3.5+ hours of video, and 30+ vocal warm-ups.
  • Audio guides to download and take with you, playback anywhere on any portable device.
  • You’ll get daily practice exercises and homework.
  • And a rock solid 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The system takes commitment and practice.
  • Results correlate to your effort if you don’t follow Felicia’s guidance and techniques belting can be detrimental to your singing voice.


Felicia worked hard over the years to develop belting techniques for singers without suffering any detrimental effects on the voice. Felicia honed her own belt singing craft while playing the lead role of Elphaba in Wicked the Musical. I highly recommend you take this online singing course if you want to belt healthily.

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