Evening In Red An Interview With Brian Ross Lead Vocals And Guitar 

Evening In Red is an original four piece band originating from the small town of Milan, Michigan.

The band Features dual lead guitars and vocals of Josh Rankin and Brian Ross with Jeremy King on bass guitar and Dan Dettling bringing up the rear and providing the awesome beat with drums.

Josh and Brian mostly perform lead vocals on most of their songs, however, there is element’s of four part harmonies being used in a verity of Evening In Red’s live performances and recorded albums.

With a robust rhythm section; Evening In Red is a group for fans and musicians alike dabbling in Blues, Psychadelia and Rock N’ Roll, there is aways something for everyone no matter what genre of music you enjoy listening to. You cannot go far wrong if you want to enjoy an alternative to the usual bands out there.

Evening In Red also put on a stunning  Septemberfest music festival where they play live and invite other local bands and artists to take part in treating and entertaining fans with live music performances throughout the night.

Josh Rankin: Vocals, guitars
Brian Ross: Guitars, Vocals
Dan Dettling: Drums, Vocals
Jeremy King: Bass, vocals

Let’s start with some background on you guys, how and when did you guys all get together to become Evening In Red?

Dan and Brian went to kindergarten together and played in bands on and off since the 7th grade. Josh met Dan in 2009 and shortly after brought Brian into the band. Jeremy filled out the line-up on the bass joining the band in April 2014.

There’s always a story behind a name, “Evening in Red,” who came up with the band name?

Josh came up with band name Evening Red and the band agreed to change it to Evening In Red instead.

With influences such as Blues, Psychadelia, Alternative and Rock N’ Roll folded into your material, how does that work when you are writing new material for EPs and Albums? Is it a group effort? Or just one or two band members who have the final say?

Most of the songs are written and sung by Josh or Brian but the arrangement is definitely a group effort. Jeremy and Dan are also songwriters so there is definitely some diversity in any given set. All the members bring their own perspective and style, and everybody sings lead vocals.

It seems like Evening In Red do a lot of live gigs, and travel far and wide to entertain your fans, is it important to you guys to let your fans sample your new material before committing to producing a new album in the studio.

We just did our first tour in February of 2015, and plays out locally regularly. They love a good audience and feed off of the energy. In the studio, it’s just a matter of capturing that energy.

Studio time is expensive, do you guys use a local studio or home studio to produce and record your albums?

We have recorded in various studios as well as on our own. We plan on doing our next album (after Red Noise) with Pearl Sound Studios.

Red Noise is your latest album, how is it being received by your fans and music review sites, is there anything you wished you had left out or included, done differently?

The fans and the band are both happy with the album. Sounds bigger and fuller than what we’ve been able to do in the past. It is a very accurate representation of what we sound like playing those songs live. We are looking forward to pushing our songs and songwriting further for our next album.

Any other bands, artist you admire out there you would like to collaborate, work with? What about song lyrics, would Evening In Red be open to performing, using other song-writers materials?

There is a mutual admiration of the Beatles throughout the band. Also influenced by Weezer as well 90’s alternative rock. Since we have 4 singers/songwriters in the band we are never going to be short on material. For the new songs, we are trying to work on more music and lyrics together rather than one person coming in with a song.

Tell me about Septemberfest, what’s that about and why is it important to you and the Evening In Red band members?

Dan puts on an annual DIY music festival on his farm called Septemberfest. Last year there was a total of 8 local bands over the course of two days. This year will be even bigger and will include some of our friends we met while out on the road. Great music all night, camping, friends, and beers.

Anything you want to say, a message you want to give to your fans and future fans out there?

To our future fans come see a live show! We are real musicians that love to play. We put a lot of sweat and sometimes even blood into every set. And please if you like what we’re doing tell a friend!

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