Levels for Guitar Review Learn to Play Acoustic Electric or Classical Guitars 

Looking For Online Guitar Lessons With A Personal One On One Coaching Flavor With A Step By Step Attitude To Teaching You How To Play The Guitar?

levelsforguitar.com logo brandIf you’ve been looking for that personal one on one feeling with online guitar lessons, then Jason Earnheart and his online course, levels for guitar series of beginner and intermediate lessons are most likely what you’ve been looking for.

I get it; you’ve tried and been disappointed and discouraged with most online guitar lessons you’ve given your time to take. Or you’ve been jumping from one guitar coach video to another on youtube trying to get a handle on learning stuff on your guitar.

I would also take a bet on, the fact that, a lot of them just didn’t seem targeted to your own situation.

I would even take a good old guess. You felt alone and confused with no real direction or step by step process to learn how to play the guitar, strapped over your shoulder and went looking elsewhere for a better experience.

If they’re your experiences, or it’s been one of your frustrations. Then you may want to give some big consideration to Jason Earnheart’s levelsforguitar.com Jason’s been teaching guitar for nearly 15 years and has a bachelor in classical guitar performance and a minor in music theory. Over the last year, Jason Earnheart and Chris Harris have been working hard to make available to you levelsforguitar.com.

You should be in no doubt that the beginner lessons found in LFG will teach you how to play your guitar from scratch.

You will learn to play all the guitar chords, E-Minor, A-Minor, C-Major and all other chords. Picking technique and subdivision, pentatonic scale and scale technique, strumming patterns using the quarter and eighth notes.

In short, you will learn everything you need to master your guitar. However, you will need to follow each lesson from 01 to 100, put some time and effort into the lessons and do your practice, and the result will be; you will be able to say, “I can play the guitar.”

Chris and Jason’s goal when creating Levels For Guitar was simple:
Their first concern was to address common problems found in 90% of online guitar instruction that discourage many beginner players from learning guitar on their own in an online web-based environment because of sometimes overwhelming confusion.

Number two was to develop a simple and easy to follow step by step and concise guitar instruction with linear progression for those learning and eliminate the guess work and discouragement for any confusion on what to do next.

Number three was not just to teach guitar, also incorporate music theory so beginners and intermediates are not simply learning to be better guitar players, but musicians as well.

Here is what I found when I took levels for guitar on a thorough test drive.

learn guitar chords e1626362224172The beginner guitar lessons are structured in a way that it’s impossible for you to be wondering what lesson you should be practicing next. It’s also not really possible to jump ahead of yourself and skip fewer interesting lessons without it impacting on your guitar playing.

Of cause you could jump ahead; However, What I found was, You’re going to need those lessons you skipped and neglected to get done, dusted and perfected. If you don’t do them and just try to skip lessons, because “lesson 023 learning the D-Major Chord looked more interesting, then lesson 010, you’re going to find learning to play the guitar and completing the course hard going.

I talked about having a personal one on one feeling to each lesson. Levels for guitar accomplish the personal coaching feeling with teaching you exactly how Jason would teach you in person.

If you were to walk into Jason Earnheart’s music studio to ask him for one on one guitar lessons. Everything about your guitar lessons would be in a predefined order and cannot be reordered to suit yourself. If you just went home and did not practice the lesson, then next week’s lesson just would not work for you.

The concise instruction with continuing progression of your guitar lessons makes it so much easier to teach the student to master the musical instrument they have chosen to play.

There are one hundred beginner guitar lessons starting at level 001 to 100 and fifty intermediate guitar lessons 101 to 150.

I call them lessons, but in fact, they are a complete beginner and intermediate player packages. Once you have taken the beginner step by step lessons, without skipping any. You will have a full understanding of the guitar and be able to play all the chords and make some sweet sounds.

Making your own sweet music right out of your own musical head or playing beginner level full songs will be an easy task for you.

You can then move on to intermediate level lessons and take on more difficult songs and playing styles. By the time you have completed the intermediate lessons you will have the skills acquired to recognize and play all the chords or scales you hear in songs being played by other accomplished guitar players.

How are the lessons laid out for easy learning?

Every lesson is a step in your process to guitar mastery, and every 10 lessons completed then become a practice routine, like so.
021 to 029 are lessons then 030 will be a practice routine.

An example of a practice routine would be, a, 2-minute picking drill on one string using eighth notes at 90 bpm. Along with, a strumming pattern from Level 022 and Level 028. the A-Minor pentatonic scale at 60 bpm or better from level 021. Practice all your chords, maintain all songs in E-Minor, A-Minor, C-Major, G-Major, and D-Major by practicing them five times each.

Perform exercises from level 017 using videos 17.2 and 17.3 metronome chord speed practice and review music theory and knowledge of the guitar level 009, level 014, level 018, and level 025. Once you have this practice routine mastered you are then ready to move on to lesson 031.

As you see from the above example, if you start skipping lessons you will be cheating yourself and will need to go back and complete them to move forward.

Are There Any CD’s That Come With LFG?

No, all guitar lessons for beginners and intermediates are accessible online through your member’s area. Simply log in and access the beginner lessons or intermediate guitar lessons and follow them step by step.

Will I Learn Music Theory / Sight Reading and Knowledge Of The Guitar?

Yes, there is a complete section dedicated to music sight reading and cover’s the following. An overview of introductory sight reading terms. The treble clef, the staff, the lines and spaces of the musical staff, ledger lines, the time signature, a measure, and much more. Not only will you have a good grasp of reading and understanding music notation, you will also be well on your way to learning how to compose your own notes on sheet music.

What Else Will I Need To Take Levels for Guitar Lessons?

You will need a metronome to count bpm (beats per minute) For taking your lessons and when you are practicing. This is all part of playing and is vital to keeping pace with other members in a band or performing a backing track to a song you want to learn. No worries if you don’t have one yet, you can use this free one accessible online for now. However, you will need to get one if you are practicing away from your computer. They don’t cost much and there are lots to choose from on Amazon.

My Guitar Is Electric, Is levelsforguitar Just Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners?

This is where a lot of confusion comes from. Whatever guitar you own be it electric, classical, or acoustic the theory and the practical lessons are just the same.

Learn on your acoustic and you can pick up and play any other type of six-string guitar. To gain a much better understanding you can read our article: What the best type of guitar to learn on is, and how easy it is to transfer learned skills between acoustic, electric, or classical guitars?

I Want To Learn How To Play Guitar Chords Can I just Jump To The Learn Guitar Chords Lessons?

If you are a true guitar beginner, then I would advise against skipping lessons. Learning guitar chords is a high priority for any guitar player.

However, all the proceeding lessons you will skip over are fundamental to easily learning the chords on your guitar with less stress to yourself. Let’s be realistic here; you don’t learn how to drive a car from the back seat.

Do Levels For Guitar Teach Easy To Learn Guitar Songs?

Yes, and No, Jason does teach you songs; however, it’s more about recognizing guitar chords and learning how to play guitar chords that are played in songs and not actual full songs.

Once you complete the course you will be able to play the full range of chords and easily recognize what chords are being used in songs and learn to play the songs you want easy.

I’ve Been Playing The Guitar For A While Now, But Never Taken A Lesson Will LFG Intermediate Lessons Be Okay For Me?

That depends on how well you play and know the instrument, You could give them ago and see how you get on.

However, if you find them a little hard for you; you can just drop down and take the beginner lessons you should find them easy to master, then jump back up to intermediate level guitar lessons.

I found levels for guitar a very refreshing guitar learning experience. You are not forced to jump around or left wondering what you should learn next.

Each lesson connects flawlessly to the next step in your learning without the feeling that you are missing any of the fundamentals of learning a craft.

With a step by step in person flavor from lesson 01 to 100, you will be seeing and experiencing improvements in your playing and gaining mastery of your guitar after every single lesson.

However, practice and understanding of each lesson are paramount to gaining experience, so to that ends, dedication and a time commitment are required to be put aside each day to take and continue your practice accordingly.

Excellent value for money, a snip at $10.00 per month for beginner + beginner sight-reading. Or $11.00 per month for intermediate lessons including full access to the beginner lessons and beginner sight-reading section.

Step by step, no confusion follow along with lessons, 01 to 100, then on to the intermediate lessons 101 to 150.

Full access 24/7 all year round, on very fast server’s with no buffering on the instruction video’s and good support if you need it.

You will need a metronome to count bpm to practice increasing your guitar playing speed.

levelsforguitar.com logo brandYour first step to learning guitar, start your lessons now before they raise their ridiculously low monthly price. LevelsForGuitar.com

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