How Can I Learn To Sing? 

The Method I’m About To Share With You Will At Last Answer Your Question, how can I learn to sing? And Dispel the myth; That Some people just cannot sing.

So you want to know how can I learn to sing, that makes me think, you have tried to sing, but you sound out of tune, off-pitch or crackly when singing.

Well, This may come as a surprise to you, but believe it or not, you already can sing. However, you are most likely trying to sing outside of your comfort zone or what a lot of people do, trying to sing using your speaking voice.

Let’s do a little experiment while you are here. Normally, a helper is required to determine what key you can sing in.

Then you would sing together in that key, whenever you mess up, the helper would jump in, to correct you and get you back on key. However, you can improvise to find your range on your own.

Usually, people who ask, how can I learn to sing have been told, you can’t sing, and as much, believes it to be true. As though it’s some sort of disability, they were born with?

Everyone has a vocal range, try singing outside your range and your voice will break up; that’s a done deal.

Normally if you were to take one to one singing lessons, your coach would help you to find your range, (Your helper) ( He or she will find the key you can sing in), then work with you in your comfort zone until such time he or she feels you can move up or down the scale a step.

I want you to try this exercise using this video or use the embeded one below and then make a note of when you hit the highest and the lowest note you could comfortably sing.

No cheating yourself, It’s important, to be honest with yourself. No one is around to tell you, actually you didn’t hit that last note you thought you could sing.

Why Do You Need To Find Your Vocal Range?

You need to know your range so that you are not trying to sing songs that are not out of your vocal range when first learning to sing. If you try to sing in a musical key, you cannot yet reach. You will immediately start singing out of tune and off-pitch.

Sing down the scale until you cannot go any lower, (it got uncomfortable you are struggling), and you could not keep the pitch, or hold the note.

You can sing along with using La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la sounds going down and then up the music scale.

Try to match every single note, stop when you hit the note you could not sing. Then write down the last note you could sing comfortably in the lower and upper scale,

Watch the video…

Now you have an idea of your vocal range. Trying to sing outside your range, you will find it hard to connect with a song you want to sing. So it’s no wonder when people hear you sing outside of your range immediately tell you (you cannot sing).

So how do you learn to sing the songs you want to sing?

You first need to sing songs that are performed in a key within your range. There will be lots to choose from, you may not like them, but singing inside your range will help you learn. I don’t recommend you look for songs that are over produced to practice along with.

Nursery songs and rhymes are excellent to practice your singing and breathing management with; they are full of dark and light tones, proper pronunciations and the consonants are smooth, and the vowels are clearly formed. (‘Do – a deer, a female deer; Re – a drop of golden sun) and so on. These nursery rhymes will help you with your singing if you don’t have a helper.

If you cannot afford to take expensive one on one lessons with a voice coach, you may have a friend or family member that can sing in your optimum key. (Your helper), Can help you connect almost 100% of the time with the key you are singing in.

It will help if your friend or family member sings a little before you join in. You will soon start to catch on with their help. However, you will need to be patient and persistent.

Will I Ever Be Able To Sing The Songs I Love To Listen To?

Sure you will, even upload a video of you singing if that’s what you want, let me explain, the art of singing can take a long time to master. However, results can be amazing with the right lessons and exercise regime.

Some aspiring singers are capable of singing at a high pitch, but they also have difficulty controlling their voice. You need to learn how to use all of your body parts to be an effective singer.

You will need to learn the right use of your mouth, tongue placement, body muscles, thorax and vocal cords to maintain that certain level of sound and remain in tune and right on pitch for a long period of time.

Practice results in perfection, even professional singers practice regularly in order to maintain their singing voice quality. Becoming a good singer takes a lot of practice and the easiest way to achieve your goal is to learn how to sing online, with quality singing lessons.

If you cannot afford to pay a singing teacher. Then online vocal lessons are the next-best thing you can do to become a better singer.

It just doesn’t seem fair that some individuals have a unique talent to sing. However, what most don’t understand is, they can remove the (i-m), from impossible and make it possible.

It also feels less fair when you have a talent for writing song lyrics and are unable to sing them yourself. While others are good at playing guitar but lack the skills of singing along to their tune.

A known fact about these musically inclined people is they actually know how to create the music and song lyrics that appeal to people that love music.

Do You Practice Regularly and Record Your Voice?

Another part of your daily routine should be to record your voice while singing to check the quality and progression of your singing. The most important thing in order to learn the art of singing is to practice regularly when it comes to singing.

You can start learning how to sing by taking daily singing exercises that are professionally presented, which will enable you to find your true voice, range with your unique tone and help you to teach yourself how to sing.

Learn Breath and Muscle Control

The first exercise you need to practice in order to be a good singer is learning how to control your breath. If you learn how to control your breath, you will also be able to control everything about your singing. However, it can take a long time before you are able to master your breath storage.

When you practice regularly, you will soon be able to identify and control every muscle required for singing.

The air you breathe in helps produce the sounds you make when singing. The air that passes through your vocal cords enables you to sing.

In order to sing proficiently, you need to learn how to control and manipulate your air flow.

The most important thing you should do when singing is not to push all the air through your mouth as you sing because you won’t be able to maintain a specific pitch for a long time.

Note: Pitch is the high or low frequency of a sound. When you sing middle C, your vocal cords vibrate at 440 cycles per second — meaning your vocal cords open and close 440 times per second, lower the note, the less the cycles.

So to control and sing the note C, for a prolonged time, you need to maintain the air flow for 440 cycles per second to stay on pitch. Sounds like an impossible task, however, with singing lessons and the right exercises it will become a part of you, you will not think about it, like keeping your balance when riding a bike.

It is crucial that you observe the way you learn to sing to ensure that you are using the right method of breath usage. Being aware of what you do when singing will enable you to quickly adjust your pitch if it doesn’t sound right.

Make sure you practice, learning to sing daily and use singing exercises to help develop your vocals.

When you want to become a good singer, you have to practice a lot. Make sure to give enough time for your voice parts to get used to singing. Singing can sometimes be a mentally and physically tough activity so, be sure to take a break between vocal lessons. Give thirty minutes a day to practice singing, but don’t forget to take a day of rest every week so that your voice will have time to relax and heal.

If you rest for more than two days, your vocal muscles will start to lose their elasticity, and it will affect your singing voice.

It is better to start your singing lessons at the beginning if you stopped practicing for a long time so that your larynx and vocal cords will get used to the activity again.

So What’s Next Now You Know You Can Sing – How Do You Improve Your Singing?

For those who want to learn to sing well should look at online singing lessons.

There are many aspiring singers who don’t know the right way to sing and don’t understand, the difference between, tone, pitch, notes. So you should first take singing lessons for beginners before moving on to more advanced singing lessons.

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