GuitarTricks Review 

Learning How to Play the Guitar Just Got Easier and a whole lot less expensive with GuitarTricks…

GuitarTricks review, lessons for beginners can be very expensive and time-consuming to attend. However, with the continued growth of the Internet, faster broadband speeds and the quality of high-definition video with slow down technology.

Taking guitar lessons online is so much more affordable. And with so many different coaches and other guitar lesson options available online. There as never been a better time in history for many budding guitarists to become great players.

Appearing on the web for the first time back in 1998 GuitarTricks have grown to over 1.9 million members. And to prove a point of how effective their coaches are at teaching people to play guitar. GuitarTricks offer a 14-day free no obligation trial to everyone who wants to try out their award-winning curriculum.

Their step-by-step beginner program. The Core Learning System provides people with the very best online guitar lessons covering every popular guitar type and genre style. Even if you are not sure or convinced taking online lessons is the best way to learn guitar you now have the opportunity to try the lessons free.

Guitar Tricks Review

The site is vast, but everything is well organized with an excellent navigation style for a newcomer to find their way around the member’s area very easily, it just takes a little time to focus on what you came for.

Guitar Tricks have lessons covering a verity of genre styles of playing…

With over 11,000 HD Video lessons and 32 guitar coaches, there are lessons to suit everyone no matter what skill level you are…

  • Acoustic
  • Metal
  • Classical
  • Surf
  • Jazz
  • Blues


  • Rockabilly
  • Funk and Soul
  • Bluegrass
  • Rock
  • Country
  • World Music

You also get the added benefit of having hundreds of songs to learn at your fingertips, this alone can help you build finger muscle memory and give you a massive advantage over other learners…

It’s most likely everyone taking advantage of the 14 days of solid guitar lessons would be expecting a bunch of acoustic guitar lessons for beginners, the sort you would expect to find on YouTube. I can tell you right now that is so far from reality.

Guitartricks is a premium learning site where you can learn to play electric guitar, acoustic, bass and classical guitar. You will also learn guitar fundamentals, theory, chords, tabs and many styles of playing to become a great player.

So how do Guitar Tricks teach the beginner?

Let me introduce you to the Guitar Tricks Core Learning System, Seven + years in development; the Core Learning System covers all the fundamentals of learning how to play the guitar and assumes you have just unwrapped and held your guitar for the first time ever.

In my eyes, their concept of teaching is the real deal… Its what you would expect from a teacher sitting opposite you when learning a new instrument for the first time. Before you can learn to play, you need to know the instrument of choice and how it makes those musical notes. Guitar Tricks understands this and so do their coaches who teach the guitar lessons.

The lessons are very professional, with the visuals and audio on each lesson being crisp and clear, and includes full onscreen notation and 3-angle view shots making the lessons so much easier to absorb. (the video player also has a loop function so you can set it to repeat each lesson until you have the lesson mastered then move on) it’s a great little feature and carefully thought out. Beginners couldn’t do without it and I’m sure it’s something you will come to appreciate also.

The video guitar lessons have a 3-angle view, shot on HD cameras and is ideal for learning chords and tabs, especially for beginners.


Is Learning Guitar Online Effective?

Yes personally I feel the lessons are very effective, I won’t lie to you, some of these guitar fundamental lessons are a little boring, but essential learning. On the other side of the coin, there are not that many of these types of lessons. So it’s not long before you are getting into the exciting lessons. It will take you some time to complete Guitar Tricks Core Learning System, but once you have, you can then move on to all the other great stuff and lessons guitar tricks have lined up for you.


  • You can indulge yourself and ask questions of the coaches, learn more and interact with other’s in the guitar tricks fully staffed interactive forum
  • You can Take the Guitar Tricks 14 day free trial if you are not sure if guitar tricks is right for you… you will get full access to all lessons in the member’s area free for the next 14 days
  • Indulge yourself in a library of artist studies, teaching the style of famous guitar players
  • You get access to downloadable interactive tools to help you learn to play guitar faster
  • You can indulge yourself in a library of over 700 + popular songs for beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarists, each song consists of its own individual guitar lesson. And with twice as many songs as the competition (700 songs + and more being added) you can learn songs from artists and bands like The Beatles, The Eagles, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaugh, Pearl Jam, Boston, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stone Temple Pilots, and more.


  • Lots of Playing Styles to Learn (not a bad thing, but choosing what style of playing you want to learn can be overwhelming)
  • Whatever Playing style you Choose Requires You to Practice (you won’t play the guitar like the late great Jimi Hendrix (Blues/Rock) Adrian Legg (Acoustic) Adam Jones (Metal) or John McLaughlin (Jazz) you need to put in time and effort to play guitar like the big names above)

Course Length and Cost of Lessons:

There is no actual course length, with the Core Learning System, you can learn at your own pace, but each playing style average around 1,500 lessons for the core learning system.

Or get full access for 14 days then stick around if you are happy to do so, You can then pay $124.00 for one year’s access or $14.95 per month and indulge in taking and enjoying 11,000 + lessons at a pace that suits your learning speed.

Guitar Tricks Is Suitable For Those Who

Cannot play the guitar at all but really want to learn how.
Can play the guitar at a beginner level but want to master the guitar.
Want to learn to play their favorite songs note perfectly.
Want to learn how to play different styles.

My Final Thoughts On Guitar Tricks

For anyone thinking about taking up playing the guitar. GuitarTricks Core Learning System is an excellent platform for teaching people to learn how to play their guitar from scratch.

A big number of beginner guitarists learn guitar craft on acoustic guitars. And these types of lessons are most likely what’s on the learner’s mind when first considering taking up the guitar. I can tell you from my own personal experience.

If you navigate around the member’s area yourself you’ll see acoustic guitar lessons are something you will find in an abundance. Along with every other type of guitar.

Although the member’s area can be a little overwhelming at first. It soon becomes second nature to use and affords the student excellent navigation to follow any of the 32 guitar coaches you prefer to follow and learn from.

To learn the guitar you also need to know the theory behind the instrument.

The core learning system teaches you from scratch to advanced playing once you are done, there’s nothing you won’t know about the guitar.

We now know that guitar tricks Core Learning System is a solid system for teaching you how to play and master your guitar. However, It’s also very versatile. You may already know the theory behind the instrument and want to practice learning new styles of play. Or become a better or more advanced player in other genre styles.

For that reason, you can branch of any time you want. You can stay with the basics for beginner’s or you can try your hand at more intermediate or advanced guitar lessons. It’s all dependent on your individual speed for learning.

You can also choose to continue following the Core Learning System with either Blues, Country or Rock influenced lessons or choose your own core lessons to move forward.

Guitar Tricks are way ahead of their competition teaching people how to learn guitar online. I don’t have any hesitation in recommending them to teach you also.

Definitely, Take Up The Offer Free Guitar Lessons If You’re Serious About Learning To Play The Guitar.

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