Elite Singing Techniques Review 

What to Eliminate Every Struggle When Learning To Sing?

Elite Singing Techniques also know as the AApproach, is a step by step singing lessons system proven to develop great technique and vocal mastery over your vocals. Developed by Eric Arceneaux professional vocal coach, recording artist and founder of the Arceneaux Approach (AApproach).

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Who is Elite Singing Techniques p1 Course Suitable For?

Elite singing techniques are suitable for those who want to learn how to sing from scratch, beginner level singers who already sing and intermediate singers who want to take their voice to the next level and beyond.

Intermediate level singers will love this course, if you are frustrated because you want your voice to perform in ways it’s not strong enough to do so yet. Eric’s AApproach will give you the foundation to take you to a professional level.

So to recap:

  • If you are just a beginner singer and want to learn, then this course will be perfect for YOU!
  • If you are at a beginner level and can sing, you have tried to learn to sing better with free online singing lessons, became frustrated and quit.. then this course is perfect for YOU!
  • If you are an intermediate level singer who is taking personal one-on-one singing lessons with a vocal instructor and still are not happy with your results. this course is perfect for YOU!
  • If you are an intermediate level singer who struggles to reach beyond the level you are singing. Meaning, you cannot sing the high notes with ease without breaking and sounding horrible it’s also perfect for you.

Elite Singing Techniques is all about focusing on key areas of the voice, rounding out the trouble spots in your voice, and setting a vocal foundation that you can build upon. Elite Singing Techniques Phase 1 starts with taking an honest evaluation review of your voice and then gives you the best techniques to start improving your singing voice immediately.

A lot of people get frustrated when they are learning to sing because they want their voice to perform in ways it’s not strong enough to do yet, so elite singing techniques starts by strengthening key areas of your vocals so that you can free your voice of vocal pressure and allow you to access high notes easier.

If you’re at an intermediate level singer, Can Eric’s AApproach really teach you how to improve your singing?

Yes, Eric Arceneaux has developed his AApproach over many years and has helped to develop the voices of semi-pro and pro singers like, David Correy, who performed on USA X-Factor. All the vocal exercises and singing lessons in EST are direct, to the point complete online singing lessons. The course will give you the foundation to hit higher notes, sing with more clarity and give you a polished brilliant tone to improve your singing.

Eric will teach you the correct techniques and exercises to incorporate into your practice so you begin to establish the right practice habits. In turn, so long as you follow the lessons in order you will experience amazing improvements in your voice.

What are the techniques and lessons in the course to help you with singing higher?

If Your main problem is how to sing higher notes and own them, It sounds like your voice is right on its limit. In order to fully master your high notes, you must understand the support reflex. If you are at the point where you cannot go any higher. It’s futile to PUSH your voice without help from a vocal coach, otherwise, it can lead to vocal damage.

Taking the elite singing techniques course provides you with the techniques needed to reach out to sing high notes. You’ll learn how to use and engage your body in supporting your high notes and accessing the body’s natural mechanism to gain those high notes you are struggling to achieve, then learn how to enhance the power of singing higher with powerful breathing techniques.

For many singers, who are not able to sing higher is because of the muscle reflex that manifests in the throat. For obvious reasons, this is not desirable. To overcome this you will learn a centuries-old vocal secret, capable of instantly adding fullness and depth to your high notes.

You will unearth this centuries-old vocal secret in the Bonus Singing Course** – Amazing Singing From The Diaphragm!

Can Anyone Use Elite Singing Techniques To Learn How to Start Singing?

Singing lessons for beginners is a part of the overall course. But if you are just literally starting out singing then, yes EST can also help you. However, don’t expect immediate results, you will not sound like (Insert Your Fav Singer Here) Learning how to sing good and well takes time and dedication to practice before you will start to sound good.

I’m only recommending this course to those singers who really want to learn how to start singing. You need to be serious about improving your vocal ability in every way possible. Taking Eric Arceneaux, AApproach to singing will have a dramatic change in your tone, range, and overall confidence in singing. It’s very easy for beginners to get a grasp of Eric’s singing lesson concepts he engages you in.

Who is Eric Arceneaux?

elite singing techniques eric arceneaux

Eric is a professional vocal coach, recording artist and the founder of the Arceneaux (AApproach).
He has coached artists that have been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, MTV, and appeared on X-Factor.

You can follow the link to read more about Eric Arceneaux

How Elite Singing Techniques course teaches you to sing or improve your singing voice?

Eric teaches the same singing techniques in this online version of singing lessons, he teaches in his bricks and mortar vocal coaching studio in Washington, D.C The only difference is you don’t experience the high costs of having Eric Arceneaux stand in front of you. A face to face singing lesson with Eric at one of his group singing classes would cost you $25.00 if he makes an appearance that is. (The class may be taken by one of his coaching staff members). A personal Skype lesson with Eric will cost you $100.00 per hour session.

You will learn to sing by following and interacting with 86 Video Lectures (4.5 + hours of hard hitting video, (that seem to have been recorded in what looks like his music room).

Eric has made it super easy for you to be successful at singing by reaching your full potential. Just follow the video singing lessons in order and continue to add the daily practice habits each day. All lessons have PDF Attachment’s for those who prefer reading what is expected from the lessons and how to perform them also.

Are there any Bonus singing courses you get with elite singing techniques?

Yes, you get two of Eric’s other master singing courses, included with EST.

The AApproach Advanced Warm Up course
The advanced warm up gives you the best exercises to warm up your voice. These bonus audio mp3s will ensure that when you sing, you will have the best possible chance of sounding amazing.

Amazing Singing From The Diaphragm course
You will learn how to master your diaphragm and its surrounding muscles. Having a great singing voice is about more than just your vocal cords; your whole body is a source of power. Your (back, abdomen, ribs, chest, pelvis) are of great value. These muscles surround the diaphragm and benefit it in functioning efficiently. This is the knowledge that professional singers like (Carrie Underwood, Pavarotti, Renee Fleming, Celine Dione, David Phelps, and Christina Aguilera) have taken full advantage of. Once you have worked your way through this bonus course, you will also learn how to take full advantage of all of your body to sing higher than you ever thought possible.


  • Suitable singing lessons for kids (10+)
  • The lessons are Suitable for all beginner singers
  • Highly recommended for intermediate singers who need to sing those higher notes and improve their singing voice fast
  • Includes all aspects of voice fundamentals
  • Targeted exclusive Elite Singing Techniques exercises for maximum gain
  • Step-by-step module design follow and learn
  • Video and audio Lecture training from Eric himself
  • Progress tracking and voice review to guarantee results
  • Two powerful bonus courses that compliment the main lessons.


  • The system takes commitment and practice
  • Results correlate to effort, if you don’t follow each video in order and don’t set up a good practice habit, this is not for you

With near 20 years experience in teaching people to sing you are in good hands with Eric Arceneaux, I highly recommend you invest in Elite Singing Techniques.

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