Are You Musically Frustrated? Tips to get Noticed 

Tip’s to get you and Your Creative Works Noticed…

Frustration for many is a fact of life whatever industry you want work in, especially so when your success of getting noticed depends on others appreciating and taking note of your creative talents.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to lots of talented people while working here at Jabberdi, and the one thing that the most successful have in common is… They collaborate with others to further their own success.

The feeling is… provide and prove first, success and money will follow.

Success in the entertainment business is all about collaboration with others, And anyone’s success should not be measured by how much money they may or may not earn from their involvement in a creative project,” The question anyone should ask themselves is, what needs to happen in their own life, career, for them to feel successful, get noticed and achieve.

So what are your own thoughts, what needs to happen in your life, to feel successful in your musical career?

Whatever, niche part of the music industry you want to work in or already work in, ask yourself this, What can you do to get your name out there written into the credits of multiple creative works?

Are you the missing link, can you provide the talent/ingredient to a creative project you can get credited for?

Below are 4 tips you can think about to help get yourself noticed and appreciated.

Tip One:
Establish yourself on-line, A simple blog will do the trick; a free service like blogger will be OK to start with, or if you feel you want to future proof your existence and put over a real professional approach… Get your own domain name and web hosting it doesn’t cost a fortune. Build a portfolio, show others what you can do. Offer your services to collaborate with others.

Tip Two:
Don’t wait for others to find you, start looking for creative people yourself, people, you feel you can work with, by helping their career you can gain momentum with your own. You most likely already know where to find them, Video sites, social sites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, the list of places to search is endless.

However, you need to use common sense and your gut feeling for this; you are not looking for the weekend hobbyists. The word you need to keep in mind is “dedication” people who are dedicated to making a career out of the music industry.

Tip Three:
Make contact, a simple e-mail is all you need to send, who you are, what you do and how you can help with your collaboration. If you cannot find an email contact, leave a message for them on their social networks. If they are indeed career minded they will make a point of affording away for people to connect with them.

Before moving forward with any project, secure your intellectual copyrights and any future royalties you may earn for your contribution, for your music, lyrics or performance of the completed project. An agreement should be made between each other on what percentage split of the royalties if earned.

Tip Four:
Copyright actually exists the very moment an original song, lyrical work or piece of music is created and fixed in a tangible and accessible form of media such as it being recorded or written down.

Under Copyright Law, the Songwriter and/or composer have certain rights, including the exclusive right to gain economic reward for their creative efforts far into the future.

However, even if you have an agreement to split the royalties, collecting them can be a pain when your creative work is used by others for their own commercial gain around the world. So registering your work with a body like, “songrite” can give you some protection to prove your ownership.

Here is another link for more info on music royalty collection societies.

A single song usually contains several copyright categories as follows.
The Music, Melody, Riffs:
The lyrics:
The Arrangements:
The Production:
The Performance:
The Artwork or logo used on the sleeve or album cover or CD).
Your Band or stage or performers name.

Whatever part you play in the production of the works, you need to make sure you get paid your royalties for your contribution, the performance could be you providing the vocals as a singer or providing backing for a song as a solo guitarist. If the creative work is successful and makes money. This will only happen if you are credited in the copyrights.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and none of the above is intended as legal advice.

The above article provided is for education purposes only and should not be presumed legal advice. Before entering into any agreement legal advice should be sought after from a suitable qualified legal expert.

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