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If you’re in it, to win it, then you need to let people know you have arrived. Our next review of Music related sites that could help you to get ahead in the world of music is James Moore’s Independent Music Promotions. You can take full advantage of 3 months solid promotion and get the word out real quick time.


What does Independent Music Promotions do?

IMP’s goal is to give exposure and promote the independent artists and bands, effectively removing the need to be actively promoting themselves and their music to the world. IMP calls this, the “music with depth” movement. Independent Music Promotions is a DIY music promotion company focusing exclusively on music with depth worldwide.

Once yourself or your band are accepted on to IMP’s database. They guarantee worldwide publicity for the indie artist or band. Exclusive is the word here; James Moore handles all the publicity campaigns personally. As such he hand picks the artists or bands he wants to work with. From all accounts, Independent Music Promotions are well received in the music industry. If you or your band is accepted by James Moore, you can expect to be featured in some highly read magazines and visited websites.


What Can Independent Music Promotions Do For You Or Your Band?

The services’ IMP provides are aimed at deserving unsigned artists with press and reviews on many of the highly read and trusted music sites found on the web. Furthermore, you could find yourself featured in one or two respected music magazines if they take up an interest in you. I’m not sure if magazine reviews are a guaranteed result of taking up Independent Music Promotions services or not. However, we do know that this as happened to other bands that have used IMP’s services. If it’s worldwide exposure you are looking for then IMP is the type of service you should be considering.


Can Anyone Use IMP TO Gain exposure for themselves or Their Band?

Unfortunately not, James Moore and IMP will not take on what they call none dedicated artists and bands that show themselves to be somewhat reluctant to forge their own path to success. Meaning they don’t come over as professional, have no forward thinking or plans to tour as we understand it. So hobbyists playing out of their bedroom hoping to make a name for themselves on sites like YouTube would most likely not be accepted by IMP for their services.

Quote from IMP website ” No low-quality demo’s. No corporate rock. No Idol pop. No adult contemporary. No religious music. No children. The music must have depth.

So I would say to use James and his services you need your music to have meaning and depth. You need to be original, and your sound and vibes are of those only you could produce.


Are There Any Complaints From Others Who Have Used James Moore To Promote Themselves?

None that we can find, everything we found on the web seems to be positive and those artists and bands who have used IMP only say good things about their experience using James Moore’s services.


How Much Will It Cost You To Use Independent Music Promotions?

There are four options to choose from, in order they are:
Introductory $350
Web Boost $600
Month to Month $750
Three Month Plan $1850

Each promotion package has its own set of publicity goals, that each promotion package promises to reach. The more you invest, the farther reaching your publicity will be.  Your arrival into the world of music and entertainment will be dependent on your investment in IMP services. The promotion packages range from the humble; media pitch creation found in the “Introductory package to the more elaborate personal consulting and guidance on your exposure in the three-month promotion plan.


My Own Thoughts About IMP’s And What They Do:

I’m more than happy to recommend independent music promotions to deliver on what they promise. I have read “reviewed” and “interviewed” James Moore on his best-selling book “Your Band Is A Virus”. You can find his book for sale on and

What James Moore does is unique, he works with carefully chosen independent artists or bands on a one on one format to promote them to music websites, blogs, and magazines, which are well-respected in the world of music.

It’s hard to be original in the music industry, without trying to find the time to get noticed. A band’s or artist’s time is better suited to creating more of the original music and sound and keeping their fans happy buying their music, then spending months of writing press and contacting music sites in the hope of getting a mention. There will be a time the industry will be chasing you for interviews until then, invest a little and let those who know promote for you.



You get promoted and your music out to a wider audience, Worldwide… You will have no need to apply and fill out complicated submission forms you will find on many music sites and blogs. James Moore does all the hard work for you, while you use your time to talk to your fans and create more of the music. they want to listen to and buy.

Absolutely perfect for your single, EP or album release, after sales exposure or just general here I am kind of publicity.



There doesn’t appear to be any, apart from making sure you allow plenty of time for the publicity to kick in if you are going to use independent music promotions to run in advance of an album release allow plenty of time for this to happen.

Have you used Independent Music Promotions? If you have we would love to hear your say on how well they did or not. Join or start a conversation, let us know in the comments below.


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  1. James Moore and Independent Music Promotions is currently working on my 2016 release, Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders. James is doing a fantastic job. I have had reviews in many more online sites than I ever expected, and the numbers and quality of the reviews keep climbing. I was #140 nationally on Digital Radio Tracker last week, #23 in Rock, #27 Indie, #33 on ACC, and those numbers have been climbing too. I am not able to tour or even play live these days due to family, money and time constraints (three kids and day job). IMP and James have helped me get my music out there when I don’t have other ways of promoting my music. Thank you James!

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