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Ditto music digital music distribution for the independent artists

Warning” This is a “Review” of “DittoMusic” services and not a “Recommendation” that you should use their services.

ditto-ltd-j_3The best way to sell a lot of Album’s or EP’s is to have them available on every digital music download stores right? “Can Ditto Music deliver on their promise to distribute your Single’s, EP’s or Album’s to all the top download sites without any hiccups read on to find out.

Who is Ditto Music?

Ditto Music is an independent music distributor created for the independent solo artist or band. Founded by Matt and Lee Parsons, back in 2006, they offer services to distribute EPs, Albums, single music tracks to digital music stores, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and eMusic to name a few, at very low affordable cost any independent solo artist or group can afford to pay.

They also provide other services to enable independent artists to set up and start their own record label.

Register your releases for UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA and Canadian Charts. You can choose what country charts you want to be registered for, along with PPL Airplay Royalty Registration. And mixed media release packages, your single, EP or Album packaged with your video. There are options to suit every independent artist whatever part of the world they live in.


What Can DittoMusic Do For You?

Once you have signed up and chosen your package you will be able to upload your music tracks for distribution to the online stores. All other services you choose to pay for usually run alongside the distribution package you have in place. You must upload your tracks in .wav, .mp3, or .m4a files.

You will only be allowed to sell a remix if you have written permission to do so. Cover songs and tribute versions to be sold in the US or Mexico will need licensing from Limelight or Harry Fox, etc.

Any uploaded tracks you produced and hold full copyrights to… Your own original work must not be misleading. There are restrictions and guidelines on what you call your release or artist name. The purchaser or end user of your music tracks must not think they are buying anything else but YOUR music and any use of another artist’s name or song title is not allowed by music stores.

ISRC codes, “International Standard Recording Codes” that are used by the whole of the music industry, uniquely identify your songs and every other artist’s songs ever released will be provided by “ditto music” and will be genuine codes registered ISRCs for your release.


Can Anyone Use DittoMusic Even If I just Produce Music From Out Of My Bedroom?

Anyone I believe can use DittoMusic to have their music distributed to online stores or high street retail stores even those who represent artists, like record labels, PR representatives, Managers, so long as all guidelines are followed by whoever is representing the artist. Your uploaded music conforms to strict international guidelines and meets all requirements of the music industry. There should be no problems so long as you are not trying to rip off other artists, producers work.


Are There Any Complaints From Others Who Have Used DittoMusic?

Online reviews for Ditto Music are both positive and negative. However, their reputation is growing worldwide. Ditto Music was founded in the UK in 2006 they now distribute for artists around the world.

Wired UK Magazine” described them as a ‘powerful service…with more than a dozen bolt on options,’, and crowned them the ‘Best Digital-Music Distributor’.

Whereas, the negative reviews, that are very few in numbers, I found, crowned them, lacking in the support department and not delivering on what was promised on time.

However’ to be fair, the negative reviews seem to have the same circumstances repeated. In that distribution of music is dependent upon other factors like ” third parties,” getting their end right. So it goes without saying that master copies of your music must be uploaded well in advance of your release date to ditto music to avoid the possibility of some or all digital music download stores not having your music available and ready for download and sale, in their database.


How Much Will It Cost To Have Your Music Distributed?

As a solo artist or group, you will pay a small upfront fee to get your music into hundreds of online stores, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, eMusic and more. You can also pay for other services such as setting up your own record label. Have Ditto to register your tracks to become eligible for charts all over the world. Ditto can also make it possible to sell your work on pre-release on iTunes. They have many options you can take advantage of to make your music really take off.

The most important to you is, being an independent artist… You retain all copyrights to your music and receive all royalties that your music generates, from T.V, Radio and shopping malls, retail outlets or any other public use of your music.

[The prices quoted below have changed since the publication of the article, please visit ditto’s website to check out the updated latest prices and subscription plans]

A yearly ditto subscription costs £6.00*/$8 for a single or £12*/$20 for an EP or £18.00*/$25 for an album. Other bolt-on options and services range from £2 to £80 or their dollar equivalent.

You can also either take out a standard distribution’s package = (Lots of stores worldwide for $1 for a single, or $10 for an album) or hand-pick which stores you want your music to appear in (33p/50¢ per track per store).


My Own Thoughts About Ditto And What They Do:

Matt and Lee Parsons founders of DittoMusic have come a long way since 2006 and are now building up a strong reputation and deliver what they promise to their clients. With over 60,000 artists on their books, they have helped to distribute their music to a worldwide audience.

If 60,000 + and rising artists are happy to trust Ditto Music, the few negative reviews I found on the web should not allow you to be put off from using Matt and Lee’s services, if you really wish to do so. After 8yrs of offering their service, I would expect a lot more than a few negative feedback from people who have made use of the services they offer.

Matt and Lee have expanded to accommodate artists from around the world, and now have offices and support staff in the UK, USA, Australia waiting to help. They continue to grow their business to be a recognized service for the independent artist and bands, who don’t have the time and resources available to accomplish this task themselves.



You get your music out to a wider audience, Worldwide…
No need to apply and fill out complicated forms you will find on many digital music download sites. Ditto does all the hard work for you while you use your time to talk to your fans and create more of the music. they want to listen to.



Things can go wrong, in the distribution, so make sure you allow plenty of time uploading your music and setting a release date for sale.

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