Robin Hall Piano For All Review – The Best Value for Money Piano Course I have Found 

piano for all review”Affordable, Piano Or Keyboard Lessons by Robin Hall”

Hi, It’s official for me anyway,

robin-hall-creater-of-pianoforallLearning to play the piano, or in my case, the keyboards sure take’s away all the stress of living in a not so perfect world such as the one we live in today.

If you’re a first-time visitor to jabberdi, you may well have already guessed my passion is for music and for those who strive to produce and perform it, through their voice or an instrument.

A few months ago after finding and visiting the virtual piano website website. I found myself spending a good 3 to 4 hours tapping on my computer keyboard trying to produce what most would call acceptable musical rhythms, I came away with a bug in my tummy, not the kind that makes you sick, the kind that energizes you to learn something new. I’d ended up catching the learn to play keyboards fire in the tummy bug.

This set me off on a quest to find suitable online and affordable piano or keyboard lessons that were easy to follow and learn. I found two courses I’m more than happy to recommend to others who also need a cure for the learn to play piano or keyboard’s fire in the tummy bug.

The first is by Robin Hall “piano for all” The second one I will be publishing a review on soon, is by Samantha Griffiths “See Keys” Piano/Keyboard Lessons For Dyslexia & Learning Difficulties. The gift of music should not be held back from those who have learning difficulties and this course has some very interesting teaching methods incorporated into it.

Pianoforall Review

Robin Hall’s Piano for all, Is the best value for money piano course I have had the pleasure of working through, I found it to be full of tricks and tips I never knew existed before in the world of learning to play the piano. Now learning piano in my case is a little misleading since it was keyboards, I wanted to learn to play. However, when it comes down to it, what you learn transfers to the other.

Robin Hall piano for allThe brilliant thing about piano for all is, if you are lucky to own a piano and iPad, you can directly download the full course to your iPad, and then follow what Robin is teaching you.

You can simply place your iPad where you would normally place the sheet music on your piano. You can then follow along with the books, click on the direct video links and play the audio files. All the above can be directly accessed from your iPad screen.

However, if like me, you don’t own a full piano, and keyboards are your thing, then downloading to your PC maybe the better option. I just load up the course on my PC and drop my Yamaha YPT220 Portable Keyboard down in front of it.

How Robin Hall teaches you to play the piano or keyboards.

The Pianoforall Process in a nutshell:

Traditional piano instruction generally begins with Sight Reading (being taught to memorize other people’s musical compositions using musical notation) Unfortunately, this is an extremely laborious process and many accomplished ‘sight readers’ have no idea about how to play by ear or how the music they can sight read is constructed in the first place.

To do this you have to learn about chords and harmony.  However, Pianoforall works the other way round. You build a solid foundation using chords, ‘real’ sounding rhythms and grooves and then you BUILD on top of that and learn to play by ear and sight read along the way.

The secret to learning piano in the shortest time possible is to start with CHORDS.

There are some TERRIFIC party rhythms throughout PFA and the knowledge gained is invaluable. Pianoforall uses lots of memory tricks tips and formulas to speed up the learning process for you.

The complete lessons come combined in three formats…
PDF Audio and Video. They are all accessible inside the PDF e-books like so in the graphic below.

Accessing the videos:


Clicking on the play video icon will pop up the video so you can follow along with Robin performing the particular lesson you are learning. For me, this is a terrific concept. READ lesson, Watch lesson, Listen to the lesson. It’s a brilliant concept and way to teach.

viewing-the-videos inside piano for all

You listen to the lesson in much the same way by clicking on the audio icon…
audio-icon piano for all Piano for all is a substantial learning to play piano or keyboards course and will take some time to work through. There are 10 PDF ebooks and 500 audio lessons and 200 video lessons all combined in easy to read and understand PDF’s a simple click pops the videos and the audio plays inside the books. So there is no opening and closing other software programs to interfere with your learning process.


I’m not going to take up more of your time listing what’s in each book and lessons you can read about that stuff on the official Piano for all website.

So to conclude my Pianoforall Review:

Let’s look at the pros and cons…

Pro’s, PFA is highly portable; you can download to your iPad and have it sitting on your piano while you enjoy the learning piano experience.

PFA is very easy to follow; Robin uses lots of memory tricks and tips and formulas to speed up your learning process, and you can expect to learn to play new tunes in days, not weeks.

Everything is accessible inside the PDF books, so no switching from books to video players or audio players back to reading the text lessons.

PFA is a very comprehensive piano and keyboard’s teaching course that will teach you for the cost of a good book, it’s much more in-depth and interactive than your normal PDF e-book.

PFA has lots of genuine Testimonials on the official piano for all website, these are genuine and you can request the e-mail address of the people who give the testimonial’s to confirm authenticity. 17 testimonials can be found published on the official website and there are more if you request them.

PFA is absolutely affordable to anyone @ only $39.00 instantly downloadable to iPad or your Pc, or $49.00 for a hard copy in CD format includes shipping to your door.

Con’s, … The way the videos are embedded in the PDF books can be a problem accessing if you do not have the required video player installed in your system. I had some difficulty accessing them myself to start with.

However, there is lots of help available on the piano for all website in the download area. The help is very easy to follow and only requires you to follow a link to acquire the compatible video player then you are good to go.

Piano for all “Piano, Keyboard Lessons by Robin Hall” 5/5

## Start Playing Today Buy Your Own Copy Of Piano For All ##

Update: Piano For All is now available on Udemy. Robin did some forward thinking about how to improve interaction with students who want to learn piano or keyboards when taking his online piano course PFA. You get lifetime access to 361 lectures 30+ hours of high-quality content and a community of 3700+ students learning to play with “piano for all”.

If You Take The Course On Udemy You Get:

30-day money back guarantee!
Lifetime Access. No Limits!
Mobile Accessibility
Certificate of Completion

Preview pianoforall Course For Free On Udemy

  1. This app looks very promising…I’m always on the lookout for cool apps and gadgets to help with my piano skills, so I’ll definitely give this a shot.

  2. Piano students learn to work under the close scrutiny of a mentor, in this case, their piano teacher. Students learn to accept advice and feedback from their teacher who they view as the expert in that field. It produces adults who are more considerate to opinions different from their own. good luck!

  3. Hi there,

    A note about Udemy: I don’t know when you wrote this post, but right now, until June 19th (2015), ALL of their courses are $15.00, if you are a member of the web-site, which I have been for some time.
    I can’t recommend Robin Hall’s “Piano For All” highly enough, and for $15.00, instead of the advertised $275, even if you find it’s crap for you, it may be worth checking it out!


    Dave C.

    BTW, your website is pretty cool too!

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for bringing the promotion to everyone’s attention… There are always great deals going on at Udemy. Unfortunately, the course you want is not always included in the promo deal.

      So if you missed out, you can try your luck this weekend with the 40% off all Udemy courses” weekend blitz promotion.
      Explore new possibilities 40%!


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