YouTube Power Slam Review

Getting your music videos 1st on Google for a cover of a popular song is never going to be easy. Targeting the title and original artist seems to be the way everyone does it.


youtube-power-slam-j_5However, youtube power slam gives you a fighting chance. With so much competition from more established youtube users. Those just starting out, or those with fewer subscribers and fewer views on their already uploaded videos. Using the second biggest search engine and entertainment site on the web are not going to find it so easy to get top page rankings.


Hitting and finding the right search phrases to use for your video titles to make some sort of impact on Google against the long-established power users, you are going to need something special in your tool bag.

A couple of weeks back from the time of writing this review I came across Youtube Power Slam and thought I would try it out. The course was created by Cliff Carrigan for struggling marketers who use or want to use videos for their business on Youtube.

However, after taking a long hard look at the course, I could see the potential this course could have for ranking music videos first place in youtube and also on Google to rank music videos and gain views and subscribers.


You can read Make Your Youtube Music Video Cover Song Rank see what I’m up to with it.

I like to test out the products I review for my readers, only after I have used the product can I give an honest opinion.

Youtube Power Slam is probably the smallest video ranking course I have ever come across. Now don’t assume that’s a bad thing, in my book it’s a good thing, Cliff Carrigan the creator and long-time successful video marketer on youtube got rid of all the sometimes confusing fluff and concentrated on delivering actual facts, facts and guidances the average purchaser of a course like this needs to get results.

He gets to the point and gives the information Youtube users need to get their videos ranked. Now I’m going to be totally honest with you, outranking other more established videos on the 1st page of Google put there by other high-power users with 20,000+ subscribers and views totaling in the hundreds of thousands is going to take a lot of effort on your behalf.

Nevertheless, after reading and taking on board the information myself, I can see it will be a lot easier with the knowledge you get from devouring cliff Carrigan’s youtube video course and using the advice provided if you really want that first spot on Google and in Youtube’s own search index.

There are lots of ways to get those listings you need to get your own subscribers and views rolling in. Once you purchase and own the course you will have access to everything Cliff uses himself to rank his individual videos, that alone will give you the upper hand over others.

You also get access to chat right inside the member’s area and access to Cliff’s email address should you need his support or just to ask a few questions, ( I corresponded with Cliff and must say his quick response to my emails was much faster than I’m used to getting ).

Another interesting thing I found in the member’s area I have never seen before, Cliff has written out all the promises he made on his sales page for YTPS,  Each promise made is listed and each promise made is addressed on how those promises are kept.


Cliff Carrigan is the author of three courses relating to getting the best out of Youtube, although I have not had access to his other works: such as Youtube Partner Slam and Youtube Speed Ranking.


Having taken a thorough look at YTPS, and coming out of the other end impressed with such simplicity on how easy the course is to implement. I’m sure his other two courses deliver in the same way with giving you the real info you need to get success with ranking your music videos without all the fluff.

I’m more than happy to recommend YouTube Power Slam to aid in the ranking of music cover videos. However, most I assume will want to hit 1st-page Google with the same title: ie. like, ( Name of Song By Name of Artist your name cover ).


Real example: Lego House By Ed Sheeran Charlotte Black Cover  (This is searching from the UK you may get different results searching for your location).

However, from reading Cliff’s power slam course I happened upon a trick, although not documented I worked it out for myself, I will use this trick to target more views and subscribers to the video; I want to rank 1st place in Google soon as I continue with my case study on Charlotte Black.

Video titles like: “Name of Song By Name of Artist your name cover”. Those are comfortable to get ranked with YTPS knowledge. Others may not be so easy although not impossible given some time and using a few of the things you learn from cliff’s course anything’s possible.

Personally, I would just use the easy approach and over time you will have your videos ranking for all sorts of search terms.


So what’s the video ranking knowledge you will get from owning a copy of YTPS?

Once you have gone through the course you will have the benefit of knowing:

  • How to format your video titles for optimum performance to get the best rankings.
  • How to write up your video description not just for the search engines also for getting people to click on your listing and not others.
  • How to set up your tags, so they make sense: Youtube has a habit of deleting some of them, with the right knowledge you will get the tags you need and want to use.
  • How to get collective proof fast to get the top spot and keep it: there are reasons why you need social proof. However, knowing the right amount is the key to good standing in Google and those who visit your videos.
  • How to get backlinks to your video: If you need them to move above other listings and you really want that place. There are a few ways you can get fast backlinks.
  • How to employ advanced tactics to get multiple listings: Do you want to rank your video exclusively for Youtube or Youtube and Google?
  • How to tips on your videos: There are a lot of reasons why you may not get the ranking you want, Once you have these tips in your tool bag you can start to use them to improve and move up on your competition.
  • How to use other video resources to improve your 1st page Google listing, you may have page 1 listing. How about 1st listing on page 1?
  • How to do all the above with visual examples and explanations: Full run through of all the above with a step by step visual example using real videos uploaded to youtube.

Get a copy of YouTube Power Slam, let me know how it works out for you in the comments below.