Music Marketing Manifesto Review 

Music Marketing Manifesto Review

John-Oszajca-music-marketing-manifesto-j_4In my last post, I talked about how important it is to grow and look after your fan base. This article is somewhat a follow-up to ” avoid 5 mistakes to sell your music online. We are going to look at a product called Music Marketing Manifesto.

It’s a long way to the top are you willing to take the ride? Building a fan base is one thing, knowing how to get them buying your music, booking tickets for your gigs, and taking a keen interest in what’s going on in your world is another thing altogether.

John Oszajca sells all his albums and singles direct to his fan base, cutting out the middle man.

It can be an amazing feeling to wake up one morning, log in to your YouTube account and find you have now amassed 100,000 + subscribers. However, converting subscribers to fans who want to buy your singles, EP’s and albums is somewhat more difficult.

You may feel you are one step closer to getting that dream record deal every artist wants, but in reality, only a chosen lucky few get signed long term. Artists get dropped by their labels all the time, with them, it’s all about your popularity and continued record sales.

Most of the wealth a popular successful singer makes comes from sellout live performances and sponsor advertising deals, along with merchandising. If you understand this one thing ” you don’t need to be signed to be successful” you can make a lot of money by concentrating on building your fan base and keeping yourself connected with them.


John Oszajca’s Music Marketing Manifesto is all about how to turn your existing fan base, subscribers, and future fans into buyers. If you learn how to build a stronger dedicated fan base. You will learn how to promote a song to your fans and make them want to buy a copy of your upcoming album and keep 100% of all profits you make on your sales.

Artist promotion, that’s you, the more popular you make yourself the more subscribers you amass and the bigger your truly dedicated fan base will become. Once you understand and learn how to promote your music, yourself, and your merchandise to your fans the more successful artist you will become.

Music Marketing Manifesto is not just about music marketing, and it’s not all about following some music marketing plan.

It will teach you about creating the full package yourself included. You are the product of your own making. When people love you and love your music they want to buy into you, unfortunately, most artists make this process very difficult.

John Oszajca will teach you how to make the process very easy for your fans to buy into you, buy your music, pay to come along to your live gigs, and grow your popularity.

If music is your passion, and you have the talent, then why not learn how to market yourself and become wealthy in the process. You don’t need to be signed by a label to be successful; you can be successful as a web artist and make your own dream become reality.

The Music Marketing Manifesto Blog will teach you how this can be possible without the help of any record label signing you.

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  1. Very useful information man… Thanks for sharing these ideas how to learn these promotional techniques.

  2. yesterday i just sighed up for mmm3.0. i want to know how do i log in on my mmm3.0 account?

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