Avoid These 5 Mistakes To Sell Music Online and Build A Fan Base 

Create Your Own Success In The Music Business. Anyone Can Do It. You Just need To Avoid These 5 Mistakes Every Singer Song Writer Makes Selling Music Online and Building A Fan Base.


could-this-be-youIt doesn’t matter a damn if you are members of all the social networks on the web like. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, Instagram or even if you have your own blog or website…

until you start to give your fans what they want, it’s unlikely you will hit the big time and sell lots of copies of your singles and albums or fill your gigs.

Below I have outlined the top five reasons most never make a living from their music passion and talent.


1. If you are not providing your fans and future fans the most basic information about you or your band members your fans feel they are missing out:

Your fans want to feel like they are a part of your struggles and success. Make sure you include everything there is to know about you. Like your full name and those of your band members if you have a band. What instrument you can play and those you are learning to play, where in the world, you come from and other places you lived or grow up in. When you started singing, playing your first instrument or wrote your first song. What inspires you to write your lyrics and who influences you in the music industry. These are just a few of the simplest and most basic of information you can use to get people interested in you.


2. If you are not communicating and making connections with your fans, you run the risk of losing them to others:

The biggest let down your fans can feel is, if they feel you are not connecting with them. Your fans want to feel special, and if they take the time to comment on your social sites or your blog, They want to know; you are also going to take the time to answer their questions. If you do take the time to respond to questions, it shows you care about them. Make sure your fans feel special. The easiest way to do this is by creating a fan based blog or forum community where your fans can leave comments or messages to you and each other. Set up a simple forum attached to your blog so your fans can feel closer to you. Involve them in everything about you. Avoiding building a relationship with your fans is a massive mistake and one you need to avoid at all costs.


3. Forgetting you are interesting to others, I.E Your fans:

Okay, so you have an up-and-coming gig, So what. Really think two lines of text are going to get your fans on the edge of their seats?  Just writing about upcoming gigs is not that interesting, it’s only of use to those of your fans who can get there to see you. What’s fascinating to them is your day, week or your month in the recording studio.

Posting links to buy your new tracks or where your next gig maybe in the world is not going to make the masses excited. They want to know about you. You can tag the info about gigs and new tracks at the end of the interesting stuff about what’s happening to you in your life.

Let your fans feel like they’re part of something, a part of you. They want to know what you’ve been up to and what’s coming next. Keep your camera or video cam with you, pictures and video speak much more than words sometimes.


4. The biggest mistake is not continuing to rectify the mistakes above:

You can be on all the most popular social media sites you want. However, it will not help you if you don’t take full advantage of it. You can have one subscriber or 2,000,000, but it won’t help you when your fans log on and find out the last time you posted anything new was months ago. Or you start to ignore your fans and don’t reply to their messages, you will lose fans, it is as simple as that. Yes being a successful artist or trying to become one is a busy lifestyle.

However, also, remember it’s your job, there’s nothing worse than a fan logging into your blog or forum and seeing nothing new other than some info you posted about a gig that was months ago and no longer relevant to them. Adding content to your sites needs to be a regular thing. It’s not just your old fans who feel disappointed. Any potential new fans who go and visit your blog will feel they are in a dark cold room. They aren’t going to return and will lose all interest in following you.


5. The most stupid mistake is not capturing fan’s name and email address so you can keep them up to date with what’s happening:

There may be times when you just cannot add content to your sites, it happens, however, if there is something really important, you want your fans to know about and find yourself having no time to update 6 or 7 sites, then a simple email will alert your fan base to whatever it is you want them to know about. If you cannot reach your fans email box then you are really limiting your marketing ability.

Having a place your fans can subscribe to your fan list is a must if you want to sell your music and memorabilia to them. Once you have your subscriber system set up, you can have a link to sign up to your fan list on all of your sites. Once your fans start signing up you can stay connected with them at all times. Remember this, some of your fans will fade away and forget to visit your sites.

Some fans may never know you just released your new single or album, or you are gigging in their area. Dropping them an email to let them know can result in a lot of album and ticket sales and also your music moving up the charts.

John Oszajca is a guy who took hold of his own destiny in the music industry and he now makes an astonishing living from his passion. You can read about how John Oszajca stopped chasing the recording deal and made a fortune from his talent without any help from major record labels.

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