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If You’re looking to get a few questions answered before deciding on the best online singing lessons to learn or vastly improve your singing abilities.

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The perfect online singing lessons for the beginner to moderate intermediate singers” If you want to learn how to sing or improve there is no better cost-effective course.

So what’s different about superior singing method over all the rest of the vocal courses available? For one, SSM is not only a beginner’s course of online singing lessons. There is so much more than just the main front end lessons.

There’s something for everyone.

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  • It’s not just about teaching the absolute beginner to how to sing.
  • There are lots of lessons for intermediate singers with new techniques to master for improvement to become a much better singer.
  • And for everyone who is career-minded singers, or you want to achieve the highest excellence possible. Aaron’s monthly vocal coaching club can help you reach professional performance levels of singing.

Aaron offers a complete vocal coaching program. However, you need to, give the dedication required to the lessons and the practice routines Aaron teaches.

If you keep to this, It’s possible to go from beginner and reach intermediate levels, then on to professional performance levels of singing over time.

It’s entirely up to you how far you want to progress with your singing lessons.
One thing’s for sure. You’ll love how versatile the superior singing courses and vocal coaching club can be for your voice going forward.

Below are just 8 points to think about.

1: You can check out Aaron’s style of vocal coaching on YouTube. He gives some great tips and free singing lessons on his YouTube Channel It’s always good to get to know your future singing coach.

2: You get immediate and full access to all your singing lessons in the main course inside your member’s area for life. No waiting for DVD’s to arrive in the post. Everything is available and accessible to take your lessons immediately online.

3: All singing lessons are totally suitable for Beginner adults and kids 10+ who want to gain intermediate or professional levels of singing.

desktop - ipad - cell phone access to singing lessons 4: You can use your smart phone, tablet, desktop/laptop PC or Mac to access your singing lessons any time from anywhere in the world.

It’s all online no nasty software downloads needed to take your lessons, apart from your male or female daily singing exercises.

You can practice anywhere anytime you want, take your singing exercises with you.

5: You’re not left to your own devices, you don’t just pay, log-in and download the singing lessons, then get left wondering if you are doing every exercise the right way you have full support from Aaron:

6: Male and female singers get their own set of voice exercises:

7: Pay only once for the full superior singing method main course for lifetime access:

vocal-coaching-club8: Aaron’s private monthly SSM Vocal Coaching Club.

Here you’ll find a huge collection of singing tips and videos on advanced breathing for singers, gaining the best tone, power singing, fixing vocal problems, how to increase your range, pitch improvements and more.

You’ll have all the advanced singing lessons and tips you will ever need to take your singing to the next level and beyond. 

Join and learn new singing techniques. Many are EXCLUSIVE to the superior singing method’s Vocal Coaching Club.  Jump to more info about VCC

SSM singing coach

Who is Aaron Anastasi?

Aaron is a seasoned professional singer and vocal coach who provides his vocal coaching services online to those who want to learn to sing or improve the singing voice.

So I think it’s best if you get to know who’s behind the superior singing method and indulge in some of Aaron’s free singing lessons before you rush off to join SSM.

I’m Just a Beginner and Want to Learn How to Sing, Are the singing lessons suitable for Adult beginners and Kids?

Yes, As I already mentioned in the 8 points to think about SSM, The lessons are suitable for all beginners including kids + 10. Aaron takes pride in saying anyone can learn to sing with dedication.

The eight-week course is aimed at providing singing lessons for beginners and those who already sing and want improvement in their singing.

There are lots of tips and direction on how to get the best out of the lessons for beginners.

As mentioned already, Aaron is active in supporting his students and provides guidance to beginners on how to start singing and become really good.

It can be really fun to learn how to sing; I know it can seem a monumental task, especially if you feel you have no real singing abilities.

That’s just lack of confidence in yourself, Aaron is an extremely good vocal coach and walks you through each lesson.

You will see for yourself that it’s absolutely possible to learn how to sing from scratch. It’s quite a sensation when you feel your head and chest resonators vibrate for the very first time.

Can Superior Singing Method Improve my singing?

If you want to learn how to improve your singing and get to intermediate levels, then this is the course for you. Your bad habits can take time to overcome but not impossible to get over.

There can also be many other reasons why you are not reaching your full potential as a singer.

You may be struggling with singing high notes or just even singing higher up the scale, you may even be lacking power and resonance or lack a good tone.

Aaron has structured the lessons and modules to overcome and crush bad habits.

You will need to think along the lines as starting again only with a head start over total beginners. It’s not all bad starting again. Since you already sing the improvements in your voice you notice over the course time will give you an almighty confidence lift.

I’m at Intermediate Level Singing, Can Superior Singing Method Help me Improve to Professional Levels of Singing?

The course works equally well for both intermediates and beginners alike. If you are already singing your socks off but lack good techniques, then the superior singing method is going to suck the pants off you. You will absolutely love the course and the monthly vocal coaching club. And there is more to this vocal program than just the main course. Read on to see for yourself, how Aaron takes the beginner singer to an intermediate level singer like yourself on to professional levels of singing.

More About Superior Singing Method Monthly Vocal Coaching Club…

vocal coaching club

[three_fourth_last] If you’re like most singers, and have the relentless dedication to increasing vocal range, hitting the high notes, finding a great tone and mastering your breathing to become a great overall singer. And want access to a pro level vocal coach such as Aaron. Then NOTHING beats Aaron’s exclusive private membership site, the SSM Vocal Coaching Club.

If you’re always looking for another tip… another strategy… another exercise. And you yearn to be fed a continuous diet of vocal training, feedback, and all the singing tips you could ever need it’s worth considering making the small monthly subscription to join…

However, you do need to take the main course before you can gain access to VCC. Do not dismiss the main program. The Superior Singing Method course has many techniques and in-depth topics within the main program, you may not even have experienced before.

What Else do I get Inside the Monthly Vocal Coaching Club?

You get new vocal and performance tips each and every month. Aaron uploads new videos every month with new tips, techniques, vocal exercise routines and insights on singing and performing.

While the main superior singing course is excellent in teaching vocal exercises that the beginner and intermediate singer will love to use.

It’s always good to vary your routine and add new exercises and techniques to your daily vocal practice.

The key is to keep challenging your voice, for maximum improvement.

You will get new elite vocal exercises only available to you as a Vocal Coaching Club member. And there is more, you also get full access to these valuable bonus products.

  • Vibrato
  • High Notes
  • Vocal Health

You, Will, Learn Advanced Stuff Like:

  • Mix
  • Pitch
  • Tone
  • Vocal Exercises
  • Correcting The Top 5 Singing Mistakes
  • Vocal Agility
  • Developing Your Head Voice

vocal coaching club members area 1

Why are there Male and Female Singing Exercises Included?

Male and female sing in a different range of pitches, the way vocal coaches teach male and female differ a little. Of course, male and female still need to learn the same breath management techniques, acoustics and phonetic’s techniques still apply equally to both male and female.

but there are differences in the pitches they can sing. So for that very reason, there are two sets of lessons, one set for each sex. Female vocalists in general usually don’t need to warm up as long as males, because the male voice has such a wide range in the chest voice, whereas the female voice switches over to the head voice much sooner. So you need to download the required set of singing lessons for your gender.


He is responsible for teaching and helping thousands of people to improve or learn by way of his proven coaching techniques. However, because he teaches online, people assume there is no kind of interaction between student and teacher. So it’s important for you to understand how Aaron teaches you to sing over the duration of the vocal techniques and singing lessons provided.

How Will Aaron Teach Me To Sing Using His Superior Singing Method?

Aaron teaches you through video and audible lessons. Each daily lesson consists of one video and several vocal audio exercises to perform and soon build up into a daily practice and vocal warm-up routine. Of cause, you will become your own master of setting the time length of your overall daily singing practice and warm-up routines.

The videos are extremely professional and Aaron visually explains and performs the exercises in great detail for that day’s lessons. On the audio version of the practice lessons, Aaron takes the lead and walks you through the exercises.

Each audio exercise is also of the highest quality and is crystal clear and understandable what is expected of you. The first seconds of the exercise you will be performing it with Aaron so you can be sure that you’re starting the vocal lesson using the right scale key. Having Aaron lead you into the exercise instils more confidence you are performing your exercises correctly.

Aaron does a good job of teaching you how to perform and perfect the lessons. It’s important to Aaron that you learn how to master the vocal exercises correctly.

Singing when done with proper vocal technique is an integrated and coordinated act that effectively coordinates the physical processes of singing. If you got it going on, you will feel the vibrations when you target and learn to control your bodies resonators.

Now let’s take a look at the member’s area and how superior singing method is laid out and how each day’s lessons are organized.

The member’s area inside SSM Main Singing Program:

superior singing method members area

Each vocal session is organized into modules. One module = one week of singing lessons, consisting of six lessons. You will need one day of rest, hence the reason for only six day’s lessons in each module.

There are 31 audio vocal lessons in total and 49 videos to get through. “Warning if you are a total beginner singer or you have never done any singing exercises (do not try taking the bull by the horns) it’s not recommended.

If you try to immediately skip through the singing lessons you could pay a high price. Don’t do this if you want to talk the next day, you will end up with vocal soreness.

You need to follow the lessons as Aaron has structured them within the modules. however, if you are already a proficient singer, and you are accustomed to exercising your vocal muscles, you should be okay to push on without consequences, but it’s your call.

How Will SSM, Online Singing Lessons Stack Up For You?

Module one; Day one lesson and Aaron’s introduction to the full singing lesson’s curriculum.
The first video to watch is Aaron’s introduction to Superior Singing Method. It’s important you watch as Aaron takes you through the singing lessons and explains how you should follow the timetable he has set out for you.

Module 1: Week 1: Warm Up Exercises
The first lessons in Module one, week one, concentrate on how to warm up your voice correctly. Like I said earlier it’s very easy to get impatient. At this point, you are most likely going to be excited and want to jump right in. You will want to skip through the first-week lessons and experience them all.

The first thing you must do is, view the video for each day’s lessons and listen to Aaron’s instructions. Follow Aaron’s instruction to master each exercise correctly.  You may want to skip right to lesson 2, but try not to give in and just practice the lessons for that particular day.

Each day’s lessons will build on what you were learning the last day’s lesson. Day 1: One lesson, Day 2: The first day’s lessons and a new lesson to learn. By day six you will be practicing and will be mastering all the lessons learned in the previous five day’s lessons.

Module 2: Week 2: Breath Management
Week two you will learn how to control and manage your breath. There are several breathing techniques and exercises to focus on and learn. Plus all the warm-up exercises from the previous week to continue to master.

As the week progresses you will be introduced to new vocal exercises and breath management techniques and exercises. I cannot emphasize how important it is to view each video and follow Aaron’s instructions.

Each day the lessons can change. Something new is added or taken away so ignoring the videos will cause you some major confusion. You are going to learn 5 new breathing techniques and exercises, four new vocals plus continue with last weeks vocal warm-ups.

Module 3: Week 3: Vocal Tone
In week 3 of your superior singing method lessons, you are going to be introduced to four new exercises. These concentrate on controlling your soft pallet to eliminate nasal problems when you are singing.

Your nose is a natural resonator and can cause you problems and affect your vocal tone. All of week 3 Aaron will be discussing how to overcome sounding like you are singing with your nose clinched. It’s important you take onboard Aaron’s instructions and practice the exercises for week 3 and continue with week 1 warm-ups.

Module 4: Week 4: Pitch
If you want to sing pro, semi-pro or just for fun, you will know how important it is to sing on pitch. So in week 4, Aaron rolls out some neat techniques and vocal lessons to master pitch-perfect singing.

Match and sliding along with muscle memory, bent flame, and the lip roll slide, are some of the techniques you will learn.

Furthermore, Aaron mentions that mumbling when you talk can be a big cause of singing off pitch. However, the new singing exercises are to deal with this type of problem, so they will help to get you on the right track.

Module 5: Week 5: Power and Resonance
Power, getting your voice out there. Having a powerful voice is not about volume. Power and resonance have a lot to do with your tongue and where its placement is in your mouth.

So this week’s singing lessons are about tongue control placement and resonance. This week you will be introduced to 4 more singing exercises to teach you how to take control and produce a powerful resonant singing voice.

As usual, Aaron explains in considerable depth the reason for the vocal lessons and gives encouragement in the correct way to perform them.

Module 6: Week 6: Singing Higher Notes & Mix
This week you will get to learn more techniques to get your head and chest voice in sync. Blending your two voices, going from one to the other without any breaking takes a lot of practice.

The first video is the most important to watch at the beginning of all the singing lessons in each module for each week. Week6 is no different from other weeks, as usual, you will be learning new vocal and exercise techniques to work on building a strong mixed head and chest voice.

Module 7: Week 7: Vocal Agility
Every singer needs the ability to jump from one note to the other seamlessly. So week7 lessons concentrate on mastering note and vocal run’s agility. Singers need to be able to bounce around and hit each note precisely on key. Aaron has put together several key vocal techniques to teach his students to hit the right notes perfectly on key.

Module 8: Week 8: Advanced Strengthening & Vocal Techniques
The final week has a mix of everything plus new vocal exercises to work on your vibrato, falsetto and strengthening your voice.

Bonus stuff you get with the superior singing method.

Bonus Module 9: Performing
Everyone gets nervous, even the accustomed pros. So chances are so will you be anxious even if you are just singing to your family members. Therefore, Aaron has written out some strategies to help you overcome any problems you may encounter. An 18-page pdf full of tips to help you out of any sticky situation you may be feeling.

Bonus Module 10: Marketing Yourself and Your Music
Okay so now you’re singing, what about getting your music out in front of the public? In this bonus, Aaron gives you some advice on promoting your music and making some money from it. It’s helpful advice but not very long. Well, we are here to learn to sing or improve our singing. So all is forgiven and there are products out there that cover this sort of stuff exclusively.

Bonus: Want to Learn to Sing in Harmony With Nathan Chapman
Two Time Grammy Award Winner Nathan Chapman Explains How The Basics Of Singing Harmony works. In this bonus video, Nathan and Aaron sit down, with guitar in hand and take you through the paces on singing harmony with a companion singer. 

Bonus: The Complete Superior Singing Manual

124 pages singing manual written by Aaron Anastasi that explains everything you ever need to know about becoming an excellent singer. I have read this from page1 to 124 and it compliments, runs alongside the course seamlessly.

So if you want to go into more detail about a certain lesson, Aaron instructs in the videos, you can just pull up the manual and immerse yourself. Aaron covers all the lessons with great detail in the superior singing manual.


All-round quality online singing lessons, you would be hard pushed to find any vocal coach on the high street to give one sitting at the price Aaron is charging for his full 8week course of singing lessons.

The support Aaron gives is excellent” The lessons are top quality” The price rocks, and you get lifetime access”.


  • Everything’s under one site, one membership, and easy access to support.
  • You can take (3) easy payments of $39.00 or (1) payment of $97.00 and save yourself $20.00.
  • There’s an optional monthly vocal coaching club if you want even more coaching and Aaron’s personal feedback for massive improvements on your singing.
  • Lots of testimonials from other Superior Singing method users.
  • Quick and easy to get quality support if and when you need it.
  • You get over 50 highly effective step-by-step training videos, vocal exercises for male and female singers. 31 dynamic training exercises along with daily singing exercise routines


  • Although the main SSM course can teach anyone with the dedication to learn how to sing. You should not expect to become proficient in singing, from beginner level to intermediate level on to professional level in a short time. Lots of dedication, practice and ongoing coaching is needed to learn how to sing like a pro.

One Good Coach Can Change Everything…

Hope my superior singing method review was a help to you by way of choosing your online singing coach…


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