Can Anyone Learn to Sing 

Can Anyone Learn to Sing Really Sing? Do you ever wish you had the vocals to become a pro singer?

Man Singing In Front Of Vintage MicThousands of people publish their videos on YouTube, and many people go on to build a fan base even to the extent of being spotted and signed by well-known artists, record labels, and music producers.

However, few take the steps required to learn proper singing techniques required to attract a large fan base. Additionally, many turn to auto-tuning their voice and bring down upon themselves an old heap of trouble from the internet trolls. (offensive comments you can live without).

You need to be seen to be using your own true voice to get the appreciation of your fan base. Voice auto turners can help your pitch and your high notes but should only be used in a studio environment when you’re finished recording is ready for distribution.

The bigger your true following, the more viral your music and popularity will grow and get you noticed by those who are looking for the next YouTube sensation.

What do all artists like Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston, Iyaz, or the New Boyz have in common?

They were just normal people until they were discovered online.

Many people teach themselves to sing but never in a professional manner required to get themselves, and their voice noticed above the crowds of newcomers who publish their videos on YouTube every single day of the week.

Many people learn to sing by listening to other singers and mimic them; this is called ‘singing by ear’. There are vocalists who frown on this approach because the problem with learning to sing by ear can result in developing bad habits that can be very difficult to overcome.

Professional singing lessons can be expensive and time-consuming difficult to travel to and for most people, only be affordable once or twice a week.

However, nowadays the internet makes it easy to take self-study singing courses. These typically contain videos or audio files that guide you through warm-ups and vocal exercises. They can help you expand your lung capacity, control your breathing, increase your vocal range, and sing smoothly across your vocal breaks…

You can use a self-study singing course to learn advanced techniques like perfecting your head voice, reaching into your falsetto range, and developing a vibrato. You will also learn to read music and transpose your favorite songs into a different key so that you can sing them uniquely.

Always remember, just like doing any sort of exercise, your muscles need to be warmed up first. This is true for your vocal cords before you start to practice your singing.

Warming up your vocal cords helps to protect your pipes from injury.
To start, practice singing up and down the C chromatic scale a half-step at a time. This will force you to hit lots of subtle notes and will give your voice a smoother quality.

The yawning technique is another approach. Open your mouth and sing a note. Now, without pausing for breath, keep singing the note while you change the pitch. Think of the way your voice gets higher when you yawn.

The two exercises above should have a similar effect. Use them to go from the bottom of your range to the very top.

Try to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes warming up before you rehearse your singing.
Are you ready to take your singing voice from ordinary to extraordinary?

Bookmark this page for future reference… Below, we have laid out some links to a few high-quality online singing courses and helper software programs to perfect your pitch and full vocal range.

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced singer, we aim to find you the best online help available to bring your talent to the forefront, at prices you can afford to pay.

Here is are my first links to a long line of, learn to sing better or learn to sing from scratch online vocal coaching programs and products.

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