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Hi Charlotte Fan, We Have An Interview For You Exclusively Here On Jabberdi Enjoy….


We found Charlotte on our favorite haunt YouTube just by chance, and we were blown away by her voice…

Unlike other up-and-coming you-tubers Charlotte’s voice, as not been manipulated, no auto-tuning added here, just an awesome pure voice.

I immediately tried to contact Charlotte to find out a little more about her, and her plans for the future. I was intrigued to know if she was committed to a career in music.

I fired off an e-mail and waited for Charlotte’s reply. There’s something about Charlotte Black, everything about her tells me she is going to be a future superstar. All she needs to do is keep her ambition, build her fan base, gig and enter all the talent contests she can cope with. I believe Charlotte’s big break into the entertainment, music industry is just around the corner…

I asked Charlotte to answer ten questions her fans and future fans might want to know you can read Charlottes replies to our questions below.

You have an awful lot of comments about your hair style, (we love it, by the way) How long have you styled it that way and will there be any changes in the future?

Aha yes not everyone agree’s with the ‘messy bed head look’ however i have only styled it that way for a few years. It is a bit of a phase that i’m going through at the moment so i am sure it will end and a new hairstyle of mine will develop!

What age did you start singing?

I have always loved singing, however i used to live in Luxembourg when i was younger and it was my music teacher who inspired me to sing solo’s in the school productions. If i wasn’t told i could sing at such a young age i don’t think I would have as much of a passion for it.

Do you get a lot of support from friends and family in regards to supporting your talent and pursuing it as your career choice?

Yes, i do get a lot of support from family and friends however it is a very difficult career to pursue and i am just doing my best to follow what i love at the moment, regardless of what anyone says.

Do you, or have you sang at any live venues friend’s parties, family weddings?

I have done a few gigs and performances in restaurants and open mic nights. I have nearly finished creating a good number of songs to perform so i will be booking in for gigs all this summer.

Who inspires you most in your music?

I would have to say, Demi Lovato. I think her music is honest and true to her self. Most artists are washed up in fame however i believe she is down to earth and performs music because she has a passion for it, not for the fame or money.

How often do you practice singing?

I sing almost every day, in the shower, in my bedroom, wherever, especially when i am home alone because i can just belt out into song.

Have you taken singing lessons or were you blessed with such a fruitful voice?

Thank you. I have only started singing lessons in the past 6 months as i took higher music which required a certain grade in singing. However i have only taught my self so far, but singing lessons really do help improve my technique.

Are you still studying for another career choice as a backup?

I have just sat my higher exams at school, i am just keeping my options open, however right now i am completely focused on my music. I’d still love to be involved in the media industry if my music career doesn’t go to plan.

When can your fans expect your next YouTube video upload?

In the next two weeks i will be uploading one of my own songs and some new covers. Now that summer has began i have bags of time to make new videos.

What’s your all-time favorite video cover you have uploaded to YouTube?

I would have to say my ‘Lego House’ cover as the video was so fun to make, it was done in one clear shot which took almost 4 hours to do. I love the lyrics of the song so i guess that one has to be my favorite.

I would like to say thanks to Charlotte Black for taking the time to answer our questions.

Charlotte has five videos up on youtube right now at the time of writing. We are hoping to see a lot more from her in the very near future and wait with anticipation.

Charlotte Black’s cover songs include:

  • Make You Feel My Love Adele Cover.
  • Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum Cover.
  • Lego House By Ed Sheeran Cover.
  • Need You Now Boyce Avenue Cover.
  • Next To You by Chris Brown ft Cover.

And now you know the answer to the many comments and questions Charlotte gets on YouTube about her hair.

It is styled like that, to be messy.

From what we can see, she as a bright future in entertainment looks and sounds like a pop princess. Yes, her guitar playing needs a lot of work, and her stage presence also… However, does Charlotte really need the guitar? We at jabberdi think not, not with a unique voice she commands, what’s your say on this do you agree?


Charlotte Black’s Social Links and Music

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