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“Quote From Charlotte Eriksson…”

Independent Artist Singer-Songwriter and Author.
I knew I wanted to build a life within music and art because I had found something that made me feel alive, that made me wanna get up every morning, and I just knew that I had to follow that… Charlotte Eriksson Interview


The very concept of educators and coaches offering online lessons and full courses allow tens of thousands of people to build their skills sets to pursue any passion in life…

The advancements in technology, HD video, and high-speed internet access over the decades. There really are no excuses nowadays not to follow and indulge your passions for the arts music and crafts or quench a thirst for education in any subject you choose.

With Independent educators, colleges, universities and many easy to access teaching platforms such as Udemy now providing access to full educational online courses teaching all manner of subjects.

The door really is wide open to take advantage and obtain the skills and knowledge that have been holding you back. It’s no wonder that people are flocking to the internet to advance their education online.

The interweb now offers affordable or even free access to knowledge like no other time in history to everyone no matter what your passion or where in the world you live.

You can take online courses for singing, learning musical instruments, songwriting, audio music production, home studio recording, photography and so much more.

All while achieving a good level of knowledge and skills you need to become more creative and resourceful, you’ll find everything you need to become the creative and talented person you knew you were all along, via the world wide web.

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